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Does Rye-whiskey exist at Bahia P Bavaro

Can anyone tell me whether you can find canadian rye-whiskey at any of the bars at Bahia Principe bavaro/punta cana?

Surely everyone doesn’t drink Rum?

I love Rye too…but in my past experiences it wasn’t inlcuded…always had to pay for it…if they even had it there.

I am staying at the Ambar section this year, and from what I have heard I don’t even think its included in that section which is considered an “upgrade”…that being said, you may still be able to purchase it…I recall seeing a liquor menu somewhere on Debbies for the Ambar

My buddy loves Canadian Rye.

He tried whatever they had on offer at the Ambar last year and said it definitley wasn’t Canadian rye.

As monctonguy says…it may be available for purchase…but I would imagine it would be on the expensive side.

Stick to the Presidente and/or Rum and you won’t be dissapointed.

FYI the Ambar does have some top shelf liquors available at the Lobby Bar…so just ask to see what they have going.


Certainly works for me … :sunglasses:

Just a thought… Buy your own at the Duty Free, and bring it with you. :sunglasses: Dominican customs doesn’t ask about what you are bringing in.

I’m thinking: I’m trying local food, maybe water, air (fer sure) and weather; Maybe let’s try some local booze too.
Let’s leave our Canadian Rye behind. It’s been made from corn for so many years, now, it’s starting to taste like … well … you know what I mean.
Drink great rum’s that we can"t get at home and when we’re done, we can come home to our R&R and CC
I always ask the bartender what’s the best Rum they have. … And "Tell me why"
Do that and learn to drink a “Neat” 12 year old Rum that’s as smooth as any Rye we would normally buy at home. Or with ice… or with water… or both.
Never, ever, ever…
… with pop.