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Dollarama is no longer just a dollar store. It’s Dollarama plus and things are now priced $1, $1.50 and $2.00. I was really surprised when I walked in last night and see this. Just thought I would share.

I knew this was happening in the fall, as memos were posted in my local store for about 3months.
If you have a Dollar Giant store in your neighborhood, check it out…great stuff there too!

Must be a local store thing maybe. Our Dollarama here in Stratford is all $1 , as is DollarGiant which is my new favorite dollar store…its huge with a very wide variety of goods.

We use to have about 6 dollar stores here in town, but think we have 4 now…one of which is like you stated, 1,2,3,4,5 so needless to say, we dont shop there.

Gone that way here too. Vast majority of items still a buck, but there are a few things above that …

We don’t have dollar giant here :frowning: Yes you are right Bob most items are $1. Bought a floatie last year for $1 and it was $1.50 this time, still cheapie I guess.

They just changed the sign at our Dollarama in Gatineau (QC) on Wednesday. The items are now 1$, 1.50$ and 2$
We don’t have a Dollar Giant in our area either.

The cashier at the store here in Windsor Ontario said its coming here very soon as well. >:(

The prices at the Dollarama here in Newfoundland have gone up as well. :o

I had heard this was going to happen a month or so ago…I noticed the changes here in NS about 2 weeks ago. It sucks but really the prices are still cheap and with everything else going up around us it was bound to happen.

We have been visiting the Dollarama and the Great Canadian Dollar Stores here in the Moncton, NB area and haven’t noticed any changes yet…have to ask the next time I am there picking up some trinkets for the trip… ;D

It was bound to happen. Now they have to change the name to Dollarama++++

Not Dollarama++++ but Toonierama

I visited our local Dollarama today and everything that normally costs $1 still does. They’ve added some items that cost a little more. I saw items for $1.50 and others for $2. It seems they’ve just expanded their product lines.

Hi, I just left the dollarama here in the Cape. There are a few changes. Things that were a dollar is now 1.25 . Also some new stock for 1.50 and 2.00. You can still get somethings for a dollar, but not alot now.

I still love the Dollarama. Even at 2 bucks it’s still a deal, and great for getting stuff for the kids at schools in the DR.

Dollarama Plus + is now what the dollarama near me is called now, went in this morning and I found the cutest little string backpacks with Spiderman on them, I bought them all, so if you see any of the shoeshine boys, etc, with those particular backpacks, you’ll know where they came from lol

Call it what you will…the stuff is still inexpensive.

Same here in Oshawa, all 3 stores have the posters in the window…I also agree with tirednurse that A bag full of stuff even with a few items at 1.25 is still very innexpensive and worth the investmens for donations

I noticed that this week when I went to dollarama. most of the stuff is still $1, but there are several items that are 1.25 or 1.50 etc.

Gone that way here in Sarnia too, they built a new one and prices went up