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Dom Rep questions



I am going in June to dom rep. Ages away I know

I’ve been to cuba 3 times, and I know they like toiletries, in the dom rep, should I take gifts for them, or just tips? There’s no trade embargo like cuba, so would tips come in more useful?


Stressed, tips are probably the best way to go, we leave $1.00 a day for the housekeeper on the bed. Gifts are nice to but the U.S. $$ is best IMHO. This way they can buy what they need. Also at some resorts, the staff need a written letter or note from the guest with your name and room number to get gifts off the premises.
As for tipping bartenders, waiters etc., some do and some do not, it’s your call. If you wait till you leave the person you were going to tip might be off, as many of them work 10-11 days strait then 3 off.

Don’t be your name sake, go with an open mind and have fun, it is a wonderful country with amazing people. You can always check out our Beyond The Beach link and contribute to the children of the Dominican with schools supplies etc.



Thanks Captain :slight_smile:

Sounds brilliant, if it’s 1/2 as good as cuba was, I’ll be happy enough :slight_smile:

lol, for the 2 weeks, I’m NOT following my name!


Although Cuba is a beautiful country, you will find the DR IMHO twice as nice. I totally agree with captain2002 in his statement that US dollars instead of gifts are the way to go. But it would be nice to leave a small tip along with some toiletries for the person making up the room. Also school supplies are always welcome for the children in the DR as captain2005 stated go to the Beyond the Beach link.
Have a wonderful sun filled trip. :sunglasses:


Been to Cuba and the DR several times. Cuba is wonderful but I think you will really enjoy the DR. We tip money and I bring things for the kids. But I agree with thoses above, $$ is best. Have a great trip.


Just a thought for some of those who like to take little gifts to give away. When I ask a friend of ours (who has a little store in the Orange Market) in Playa Dorada what I can bring him and his family from Canada, he always says: socks. He says their socks aren’t made well and fall apart after a couple of washings. Other than that, we give money so they can buy what they need.


I have asked my Dominican friends on many occasions what I could bring them. My true friends have always said something to the effect of “bring yourself…safely back”. I have found that a true Dominican friend is never going to expect anything for free…except your friendship.


Casanickerson … Thanks for the info … I’ll be adding socks to my list of things to give out … ! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: