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Dominican Artists (prints/posters?paintings)


Does anyone know where one could purchase reprints of DR artists in the Cabarete or Sousa area that would be reasonably priced?

Have seen some examples that I liked in books and would love to have one for here at home. Have already purchased a painting from the DR(which I love). It is pretty abstract/generic and probably Haitian, but I do still love it. This time I would like something definitely done by a DR resident and probably not abstract. I like contemporary art/design.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance-Cat


I don’t have any advice for you except be careful.

I loved the DR paintings as well. On our first trip I saw one and HAD to have it. We purchased it for quite a bit of money, carefully transported it home and had it restreached onto a backing at home.

One week later my Mom saw the same picture in the mall, framed for about $25 more than what we paid when all was said and done.

I still love it and don’t regrette the purchase, but I’ll haggel a little more next time knowing what they cost here as well.


Hey Mommcat,

This might not be much help either but…

When we were having Christmas dinner on the beach at Cabarete Blu a few years ago, our waiter was an artist and he showed us some of his paintings. Very nice. I don’t think he works at Cabarete Blu regularly but was just filling in for Christmas.

Anyway, I believe he sells his paintings at the little strip mall just toward the end of Cabarete on the beach side at the opposite end from Sosua (if that makes any sense). I wish I could remember his name, but all I can remember is that it started with an “M”. LOL.

You might try there and also ask to see some painings that are in progess.

If there is anything else that I can think of that might help I will let you know.



I also, like to bring home some artwork or nice jewelery from the country I’m visiting, particularly if that country has a nice stone associated with it(larimar or amber from the DR) or (turquoise and silver) from Mexico. I’ve got some nice paintings, but I’ve always stayed away from beach vendors, and try to go to an art gallery to purchase.

A ring, necklace or earrings or a painting is a much more tangible and long lasting memory than other t-shirt or baseball cap.


I have almost 20 paintings from Punta Cana, and the name Frank! is at the bottom of each one. I have no idea who he is, but love his work!! I will be back in May and will find a new one by him. I am running out of room to hang them, but it makes good conversation whaen guests come by!!
Cin :wink: