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Dominican Fiesta 2015 Totals


The following was posted on the fiesta committee website by the BTBCF treasurer.

Congratulations. It was a great event and I hope next year’s is even better.

Hello everyone…I know that you have been waiting for $$ totals for this years’ Dominican Fiesta.

Total Raised … $2536.00 (includes Draws, Raffles, Book Sale, & General Donations)

Expenses (meat) … $ 100.00

Grand Total … $2436.00

Thank you to everyone to came out to support BTBCF annual event. Let’s really “talk this up” for next year & bring on some new ideas for fundraising !!

See you in Wasaga Beach !!


It was another successful Fiesta and, with the support of everyone who attended, we will be able to help the children of the Dominican Republic.

Several people put a lot of effort into organizing - Captian2002 being one who co-ordinated the facilities and main menu - and it was very much appreciated. Hopefully we can continue these efforts.

See ya in Wasaga Beach Sept, 2016???


Great work guys, hopefully see you next year in Wasaga?