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Dominican Music - Searching for a Song-Help!

Hey @ all!

I´ve been to the Dominican Republic the last week and now I´m thinking about a special song all the time… the problem is: I do not know the artist and I´m not sure about the title…

I asked in our hotel, as they played it and the told me its title is “Mega”. and after that I asked for the artist but I´m not sure if they have really understand me, because, they told me: “Merengue”?? Merengue is the kind of music but not the artist??

Now at home, I´m almost turning crazy, because I really liked that song and I´ve been searching a lot in the internet, but always found nothing… I even visited the internethomepage of a dominican radio station and checked the Top 10 list, but didn´t found anything…

The kind of song is something like a remix, from a dj or something, maybe a mixture of Merengue and House and it is a song which is getting in your ears since the first time…
I thaught it´s a hit in the dom. rep. because they played it at Easter almost 10 times each day!! So I do not believe that it is old…

I would be happy if somebody can help me, or can give me a little hint what´s the name and artist of that song. I know it´s difficult to find out, but maybe somebody has been there to at the easter week and listened to this song too…

Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Germany!

The song I ws hearing the most in DR this winter was Lagrimas by Aventura. Did the song you’re looking for have a live audience?

try searching for songs by Omega…maybe that is what they were trying to tell you. I was there last year and they played a bunch of his music.

Try Omega, as his music is merengue:

http://www.myspace.com/omegaelfuerte809 there are some clips of his more popular songs on myspace.

you can also try youtube there are sooo many of omega there.

Is there a dance that goes with that? The same thing happened to me when I was in Cuba last year and someone who spoke Spanish gave me a rough translation of the song but that’s no help when I tried googling the song…but I’ll put it here anyway in case someone recognizes it haha!

A baseball player’s wife is asking for a homerun…
A butcher’s wife is asking for a nice cut of meat…
A policeman’s wife is asking for some guns…
…and the firefighter’s wife is asking for more fire

Good luck! Please let me know the name of the song when you’ve found it!

On the same subject, I was in Punta Cana in Jan '09. Can anyone identify the artist/title of the song playing in the background of this video ???

Not many lyrics to go by but it is definitely Omega and the song is possibly Chambonea mi mambo


Check out the link below, if it is an Omega song you can go through the list. Hope this helps.


[quote=@barbiepl][quote=@taanandy]On the same subject, I was in Punta Cana in Jan '09. Can anyone identify the artist/title of the song playing in the background of this video ???


tito swing[/quote][youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLHPR9bk8ug[/youtube]

taanandy, that is definately Omega, Chambonea in the background of the video.