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Dominican Republic-Haiti

just now the great idea appeared to my mind. As I see on the map, the nearest neighbour to DR is Haiti. Can somebody tell me if there are restrictions for tourists arriving to DR and after that going to Haiti? Should we pay something or form any documents if we would like to cross DR-Haiti border?

It’s a long long long way from any tourist areas to Haiti and there’s not that much to see there. The Dominican Republic is a big country, and Hispanolia, the island it shares with Haiti, perhaps bigger than you are thinking. Personally, I wouldn’t bother.

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Ohh, thank you, Bob, it really seems not so big on the map, but as you said I can be wrong. In any case it was worth to ask. I hope we will be able to receive pleasure even during our trip to DR, so travelling to Haiti was only the sudden desire to see something else beautiful…

OK, it’s much bigger than it looks on the map.
Puerto Plata population is about 250,000 and Santo Domingo is about 1 million.
From Puerto Plata, it’s about a three hour drive to the Haitian border, assuming you don’t get lost or make a wrong turn.
And that’s just to the border, It’s another hour and a half to get to Cap Haitian.
From Punta Cana, don’t even consider a day trip …
Oh, and last I heard you can’t take a rental vehicle across the border, but you can leave it and walk across.
$1 to get in and $10 US to get out …

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Thank you, Bob, your information is always very useful and detailed. Finally we decided to stay in Punta Cana near the open sea, so our trip to Haiti would be so tiring that we made a decision not to go there.