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Dominican Republic music


As I read through this forum listening to the beautiful music of the DR I realize there may be others out there who love this music too and would like to hear it. I found a fantastic radio station on the internet from Santo Domingo - Cima 100 FM - on Mikes Radio World. There are other stations as well. It’s bittersweet. Makes me miss being there even more! Oh well, counting the days until March ;D


Last year at Allegro Punta Cana they played “1,2,3” all the time. We liked it so much that when we got home we were surprised to find it at HMV. I don’t know if you have an HMV in Thunder Bay, but little old Oshawa has one.


Yes we do have an HMV. Is it called just “1,2,3”? Is it a mix or one type (like just Bachata i.e)?


It was a CD called “Latin Club Music”.


Thanks joandpaul. I’ll check it out.


1,2,3 is from El Simbolo


Great radio station…and have to definitely go to HMV …119 days to go…