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Dominican Solo


Hey people!

I’m new to this site, but I’ve seen questions that people ask that are similar to mine, but not exactly.

I need some advice. I’m planning a vacation to the Dominican next month (December) and I’m a single 21 year old white woman going alone. Is it safe for me to do so or should I not go at all if I have no one to go with? I’d love some advice and information.

I was planning an all-inclusive trip through Sunway Vacations and they have different resorts that I could stay in. Is there a better / safer resort? Or is the whole country pretty safe?

I would appreciate any advice or information, thanks.



Do you mean Sunwing Vacations? As far as I can tell, Sunway is pretty well vacations in the Orient …

That said, the DR is pretty safe for single white females, providing you exercise normal common sense. Probably safer than home (your IP says Toronto).


As Bob says use common sense and you will have no probs, animation and or bar staff will be friendly, possible more than you want but what you do is up to you, if you just want to relax and holiday just tell them that and they will leave you be. If you are a party animal then they will help you party but most likely you would buy any drinks off resort. I holiday alone and now have many good friends that I go out of the hotel with and stay with but that is my choice and I am happy they look after me but if you prefer to stay in the hotel you will still have a lovely holiday.


:slight_smile: just go and have a good time but like you been told a thousand times use common sense. …


travelling to puerta plata Mar 15, staying at rui merengue, looking for card players, group of girls over 50, looking to find some friends to hook up with to dance and play cards later in day and evening, looking to have a fun week!


you must check all the details of all the safe places from trip advisor.
have a safe and happy journey.


Yeah i guess you can actually enjoy it, the thing i personally see is a lot that goes correct with you i mean whether the planned thing is working or not.So normally this is what that goes ahead for me.


Not sure what the above poster is talking about at all…

And seeing as the OP never posted again, I am guessing this thread is a waste of time, but I will say that it is very safe if you stay on the resort.

if you want to venture off, this is where you need to be smart and use commonsense.