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Dominican Wedding Documents


Hi Everyone…

We are getting married next month in Punta Cana, Sunscape the Beach. We are in the process of getting our documents organized and would like some tips on what documents are required specifically, and what documents need to be translated/legalized …

We realize there is a lot of info out there which outlines this, but we’ve heard many things and the document from the resort is worded quite differently… in short: a real life experience would be helpful!

f.y.i. - we are both Canadian, never been married before, from the Toronto, GTA area.

Thanks in advance for all the help!


Have you phoned the Dominican Consulate yet? If not, let me know because I can give you the phone number and address. Let me know skinsfins77!



I have already completed this, only 1 month ago. I sent mine to WEDO (WEdding DOcuments) in Texas via registered/insured courier - and they sent it back.

The documents you need are:

Single Status Declartion that has been Notarized by your Public Notary or Comissioner of Oaths (Lawyer)
Photocopy of Birth Certificate x2 (long form, but i’ve heard people use the smaller version)
Photocopy of Passport x 2

Then you need to send a money order from the bank in USD for the amount they need, I believe it was $290 US, plus $28 if you wanted them to pay for the courier shipping (we got it back through fedex). If you don’t add the extra $28 USD, then you must then also include the pre-paid return envelope.

Of course, you need these documents for EACH of you.

Hope this helps.



First and foremost, thank you for your help. I find what you have done interesting because we were told being Canadian, we could not use WEDO because they are US based… We are facing a total fee of $800 CAN - $240 from “Dominican Consulate Services” based in Toronto to translate and $560 from the actual “Dominican Consulate” to legalize the forms… We were sent WEDO information from our resort and had made arrangements but then were told not to use them… I think we will revisit this now that you have told us this as the price is significantly lower… Are you/were you aware of any issues with WEDO?

Again, thanks for your help.

Stephanie & Geoff
Wedding Date: March 29, 2007
Sunscape the Beach, Punta Cana


I also got my documents done by WEDO, and I am Canadian. They are completely legal, and my resort actually recommended them. You will save lots of money dealing with them. I have never heard of anyone having any problems with WEDO.


I also read that WEDO was illegal for Canadians (off of the DRSI website) but from what I have heard from anyone else, it is perfectly legit. It is probably just that company not wanting to lose business to WEDO.

Is it $290US for the bride and groom together or $290US for each person.

Thank you!


DRSI is saying that becauset they are loosing busness and they are ripping people off. Wedo is completely LEGAL. they are a Dominincan Embassy out of texas. It is 290 per couple never been married before. Iam sending my there in the next week. here is isabels email adress

isagon@wedo.com.do. ask her any questions and she will explain. You can even send them to Ottawa cheaper then DSRI. WEDO works with the Embassy in Ottawa, Toronto. They are also known by the Judges in the DR.



Yes, I heard of this prior to as well, but when I emailed Isabel from WEDO, she had said that it was totally legal. They are actually opening, if they haven’t already, opened one in Canada - so, if it weren’t legal, then they wouldn’t be able to open one in canada.

Hope this helps!

I had no troubles. I faxed my copies after receiving them back from Isabel, and they were okayed by my resort - she said they looked fine and no problems.

So, i would save the 600 and use it on an additional 3 excursions each.



yes, wedo works with the dr embassies in ottawa and toronto. the does the translatations and then the embassy legalizes them. it has always been legal, but since DRSI have been saying these lies wedo as been come affiliated with the embassys in ottawa and toronto this happened in December.



We were just Married on January 9th 2007 . We are both from Ottawa and used WedDo. No problems at all.

We contacted wedo by email and they told us exactly what we needed. We sent them the documents (by Fedex…and included a return Fedex envelope) on a Thursday and got them back the following Monday.

We then faxed them to the wedding coordinator to make sure everything was OK, and obviously they were as I’m now married.

So don’t be afraid…go ahead and use wedo.