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Don lino

Hi just wondering anyone been to don lino gurdalavaca lately, any news on conditions?

I’m interested in booking this resort but I see that meals aren’t included. Is this a first does anyone know?

Deamweaver, on the Sunwing website they say the Don Lino has 3 meals + snacks + booze inclusive…

I first noticed it on Sunwing because the meal plan is listed as NCL whereas all others are AI (I hadn’t a clue what NCL was) so I investigated further and found selloff , and any others I checked listed as either AAI or no meals.
Strange indeed; I’m checking from Halifax on Feb 16.

See what I mean?


DESTINATION: Halifax to Holguin DEPARTURE: 16/Feb/2009

Don Lino -
Destination: Holguin Room: HTEL ROOM I (NCL)
Depart Date: 16/Feb/2009 Meal Plan: NCL
Duration: 7 Nights View more room categories…

Club Amigo Guardalavaca - BRONZE Sun
Destination: Holguin Room: GARDEN VIEW b
Depart Date: 16/Feb/2009 Meal Plan: AI
Duration: 7 Nights View more room categories…

Brisas Covarrubias - SILVER Sun
Destination: Holguin Room: SW VIP CLUB HTL (AI)
Depart Date: 16/Feb/2009 Meal Plan: AI
Duration: 7 Nights View more room categories…

Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort - GOLD Sun
Destination: Holguin Room: SW CLUB HOTEL RM (AI)
Depart Date: 16/Feb/2009 Meal Plan: AI
Duration: 7 Nights View more room categories…

All prices are valid for new bookings only, for the dates shown and are subject to change without notice. To confirm availability and final pricing you MUST proceed to Step 4, by clicking Confirm Price & Availability

and this note from the Sunwing site…confusing to say the least (dates are contradictory)
NOTE: Please be advised that Don Lino Hotel in Holguin will not be opening on Dec 6th/08 as was previously indicated. Due to construction delays the hotel is now set to open on Dec 14th/08. We have just been advised that the Hotel Don Lino will not be offering the All inclusive plan for the summer period. Therefore, due this change, we have decided not to offer this property effective immediately and for the rest of the summer period. We will offer the Don Lino property from Nov 01/07 on wards. We have just been advised that effective immediately there will be no water sports available at Hotel Don Lino until further notice.


don’t mind me; i’m having a conversation with myself, lol
I guess that note obviously was posted prior to the summer 2007 period? Guess I’ll call an agent tomorrow to see what the deal is.

I had a really great week at Don Lino from Dec 20-27, booked through Sunwing. All-inclusive. There was a fantastic Christmas Eve dinner. I had stayed there for a week in January this year, and the renovations are excellent. Things are much improved. They didn’t have the bicycles ready, but they should be there by January. I was able to borrow a bicycle belonging to one of the staff, to explore the surrounding area, and a beautiful adjacent beach. Mtn biker, if you would like further information, please message me.

Agent got back to me and apparently all “almost all inclusive” means is that water sport activities are not included. newtownards, can you tell me how far this is from guardalavaca? We have friends there that we’d like to be able to visit.

Don lino is off the road to guardalavaca,only about 20 minuits to guardalavaca from main road but the road to the don lino is maybe 15 minuits on a rough road. you can get a taxi from don lino to guardalavaca should,nt cost to much

When I was at Don Lino last spring there were no boats of any kind. Off the beach snorkelling is good, but bring your own gear…I don’t think there is any available. Taxi to Guardalavaca return was about 40 CUCs, not bad if you are sharing the cab…

Thanks mtnbiker and eeeefarm. Did I read that there were mopeds available somewhere too?

[quote=@dreamweaver]Thanks mtnbiker and eeeefarm. Did I read that there were mopeds available somewhere too?[/quote]Oh, they are available…when I was there one guest was nursing major road rash from a “crash & burn” off a moped suffered on the less than smooth country roads leading to this resort. So although you may be able to get your hands on one, I personally would not advise it… :smiley:

OK thanks , we’ll check the situation out first.

Hi!! Have you booked the Don Lino? We are thinking about booking that one and would like feedback about anything good and bad. I’ve checked Trip Advisor and Debbie’s here too, most everything seems good… we went to Cameleon Villas Jibacoa last March and if this place is similar, we will definetely book!!! We loved the fact that it’s a small place. Any feedback you can give us is appreciated!
Maria & Danny in Moncton