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Donating Sports Equipment


I think it’s absolutely great that people are bringing school supplies to the Dominican.

But, being the odd duck that I’m accused of being, I like to bring baseballs, softballs, bats and gloves (mostly second hand). Occassionally I can get my hands on soccer balls and volleyballs. Is there an organization I can contact to see if there is a need or want.


26 sleeps


There are different contact is different areas - to where are you going?


I’m heading for Puerto Plata after

23 Sleeps


Both the DREAM Project and Fundacion Patria can use baseball equipment.

Do a search of this site (Q,Q,Q & North Coast) and if you have a preference we can put you in contact with the appropriate individual. Also where are you staying as that might be a determining factor too.


We brought down 25 ball gloves to the dream project a few weeks ago and they were very excited to get them. They are building ball fields and are in need of sports equipment, especially for younger kids. So I guess you are not the only odd duck.


It is right & proper that The Dream Project & Fundacion Patria get first call on whatever you have to offer as they are the sponsored charities on this board. IF you have anything over after they have had their pick, give me a call, PM or e-mail me & I will set a visit up to Intergracion Jovenil which is near Playa Dorada. This is a school for abused & orphaned children.

I don’t want to hijack anything here Gregg/Wud, but I hope soon to be able to announce the availability of wooden handbags, wooden evening bags & (for the men if they are not into bags!!) belts!! The Woodwork teacher has built a four door cabin pick-up totally out of wood (well, the cabin & truck area if not the springs & chassis!!) - may I post pictures of that here please?? ~ Grahame.
PS. Anyone with un-needed woodworking tools can contact me to ensure they are taken up to Intergracion Jovenil!! ~GWB.