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Donations for Samana area


I received an email from a lady and her husband living in Las Terrenas and running a school. Here is what she said.

"I was checking the website for your foundation, my name is Lidia Dickinson and I retired in Las Terrenas with my husband 10 years ago, I have a little school and I work alone with the help of a church in the USA, please come see us when you visit the DR, I work alone and I have 58 kids some already in high school , they are being sponsored by different people that pay the school for them, thank you so very much I was born here in the DR but was lucky to go out and get my education, I believe is the only way out of poverty.

Come visit my school in Las Terrenas,

Lidia Polanco Dickinson

So if anyone is vacationing in the area with donations perhaps you could call her and make some arrangement to get together.

Every little donation helps. :smiley:

Chris Willott,