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Donations for schools in San Pedro de Macoris


Hello everyone,
I know Debbies DRCF mainly deals with the northcoast children but does anyone know how I can contribute to the children in San Pedro de Macoris. I plan on renewing my vows in Oct. and instead of wedding gifts I would like to make donations in my guests name and possibly ask the guests to bring something instead of gifts for us. Any info is greatly appreciated… Oh by the way my mom is from San Pedro so that’s why I picked that town. I haven’t been to DR in at least 10 years.

I’m moving this thread to QQQ.
Hopefully you will get a little more exposure there.


This might be a question to try on DR1.
You don’t seem to be getting a lot of action here.
These forums seem geared more towards the AI types.


The only means I have found for making donations on the south coast are through a group of doctors who work together to provide services (mainly to the barrios of Santo Domingo) and Rafael Silva and his team at Silva Travel Services. You can link to his email address through http://www.dominicantaxi.com/ or directly at r.silva@verizon.net.do. Email them and tell them where and when you’ll be and what you have for donations and they will come and pick them up from you for distribution.

It’s great to finally have a donation opportunity in that region.



Find us a source for donations on the South Coast and we will contact them, we not only do the North Coast but also have the setup underway for Punta Cana.

While Refael is a good guy, he hasn’t jumped out of the woodwork to offer his services for our group, all he or anyone needs do is ask how they can help us.

A note as to last years North Coast donations DDRCF sent over $88K to the north coast and we would like to help everywhere we can.


DDRCF is Debbie’s Dominican Republic Childrens Foundation and certainly is not esclusive to the North Coast.