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Donations on the south coast made easy!

In response to many requests for donation options for the south coast, I would love to have you go to the attached link and see the suggested gift items, photographs of the areas and schools that would be assisted by your donations and instructions for how to arrange pick-up of your donations from any hotel from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana. Along the south coast there has been no formal arrangement in place to make it easy for us to assist the poor children in this part of the island.

As I understand it, there have been a handful of drops made already and pictures of the distribution will be posted shortly.


This work is being undertaken by Sr. Rafael Silva and his tour and transfer company Dominican Taxi. I, along with many posters at Debbie’s, have made use of Sr. Silva’s transfers and know him to be a professional and well-respected man, this service being reflective of his compassionate nature.

You can contact him directly from the site at the link. If you have any questions for me or if you would like other options for ways to make donations along the south coast, please e-mail me at kaki.ulan@sasktel.net.

It is wonderful to continue Debbie’s Dominican Travel’s reputation of philanthropy. Thank you for your generosity,


Kaki, Congrats on a job well done! You have done some great work that has benefited the children congratulations! And thanks for making it so much easier for the folks coming to the south coast!

all the best,

Great news! Sr. Silva has done a wonderful job with this. The more simple the donation process, the more likely tourists will donate.

Hola Kaki: Great job and great site. We’ve brought school supplies before and gave them to someone who would take them to a school, but seeing a school actually receiving the supplies with those pictures is fantastic. That will make many more people bring down some supplies.
We’ll be at CDM and IHD this fall, and will have another supply of goodies for the schools, and will definetly contact R. Silva.

take care… Maybe we’ll meet up sometime on the south coast.

Mike & Cyndie - The Maineacs

Amazing. I’ll be bringing my donations down in person in April.

Thanks for posting!

I wanted to keep this information current!

There are pictures of the most recent distribution of supplies to an orphan school, as well the list of needed items has been updated to include used clothing and shoes for these poor children. Notebooks seem to be missed too, so if you’re looking for “most needed” items, they would be it!

Again, the link is http://www.dominicantaxi.com/Donations.html and since the donations are accumulated so that all children in the school can receive something on distribution day, there is no donation that is too small. There are a few hotels whose concierge team is aware of the collection of donations by Sr. Silva so if you leave your package at the front desk of your hotel with the name “Rafael Silva” clearly marked on it, then you will be assured that it will be picked up. Otherwise, you can just contact me and I will ensure that a driver is sent to your hotel to pick up the donation (please mark it with “Rafael Silva” as well).

It couldn’t be easier and it couldn’t be more appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for their generosity. :smiley:


Hi Kaki,

Thank you so much for the link and contact info. We are traveling from Florida October 28th and are going to use Mr. Silva’s transfer service. We will be bringing a suitcase full and now we will make arrangements with him for delivery. This is a wonderful way to give back if only just a little. :smiley:

Thanks so much for the link and pics,


i will be down there in oct 25 2007 to barcelo capella and would love to bring clothing but what do you bring???what sizes we have a great goodwill that sells mostly new and i might go there also i have all the school supplies i bought 25 of each i figured that should be fine now what should i do with them when i get to the dominican???how about tylenol and bandaids and mnor medical neccessities please help orrs4@hotmail.com thank you

caribbeanlover, thank you for your post!

If you take a look at my pictures from when I went on a distribution of supplies to the orphanage and one of the schools, you will see the ages and sizes of the children and may better be able to determine what you can bring to be of most help. Maybe some things are more help than others (like socks and underwear vs. t-shirts? I don’t know–I’m just guessing! I haven’t kids of my own so can’t speak to that from firsthand experience.). (Click on the picture to be directed to the album.)


The baby Julianna will now be approaching a year old and may require different things than they have at the orphanage already.

The Tylenol (if still sealed) and bandages etc. will be very welcome as well. You can see in the pictures at the link above the state of their medical centre, all by donations.

I will be in touch with you for particular information but you need only tell me where you’ll be and when your donations are ready for pick up and the names you are registered under. Somebody will come to the hotel to collect your donations as easy as that.

Thank you so much for asking! Your donations are so appreciated.


Kaki, it seems that the Donations page on Sr. Silva’s site is no longer available. Does this mean he no longer picks up at resorts? Leaving next week for La Romana and would like to bring some supplies down.

Sadly, it’s true. Sr. Silva sold the contracts for the hotel pick ups and the new owners aren’t prepared to incur the costs to go hotel to hotel collecting donations as he was. I am now on another mission however! I am working in association with some businesses and I hope, in the end, all of the hotels of Bayahibe and Dominicus to provide donations of various kinds to an orphanage, schools and various needy in the area. I will be going on my first distribution in February so will be able to share more at that time.

If anybody wants to let me know if they have donations, I can try to connect them with a contact at their hotel where they can be left. I haven’t heard from all of the hotels yet, but I’m hopeful!

Thanks so much for asking, generous Seachick! I hope we can arrange something. Will you please send me a note?


Kaki, how do you feel about cash donations? Are the products avaiable in the DR to purchase? Price prohibited? etc?


Cash donations are great but there has to be an charitable non profit organization in place, otherwise where does cash go to.
I am sure Kaki will agree, Rafael was a great person or receiving and distributing donations, I personally have sent many his way with donations, it is too bad that he is no longer doing this but that is the wonderful world of business.

As a matter of interest next Sunday BTBCF directors will be handing over close to $6000 US cash to 3 viable charitable organizations on the North Coast all of who have impeccable credentials for assisting with the education of the Children of the Dominican Republic.
We have been searching avidly for such organizations on the South and East Coast for awhile now.
We have found individuals on the East Coast who are also impeccable and do this free gratis for us, delivering donations to schools and orphanages on our behalf, they will not accept cash as they do not want any allegations of improprieties made against them.

Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation


Aww, sorry to hear about Mr. Silva. I know you will be working behind the scenes on finding an alternative means Kaki. Will send you a PM.

There is another worthwhile charity on the south coast in Bayahibe that is in the legal process of becoming recognized as a non-profit charity. This is a fledgling - started (as so many great things do) by one woman who saw a need and the need is greater than she can support alone, so she is well on the way to legitimizing this charity.

Maria has a website set up which you can view:


I have been in fairly regular email communication with Maria for some months now and in preparation for our trip, I asked what she needed most at this time. She sent a brief list and I have managed to secure some of the items which we will take with us in March.

I will post photos and further information from the DR, look for them around the end of March.

Hlywud, I’m sure that a liason between BTBCF & Hambrientos de Todo would be wonderful. I’ll find out how the paperwork is progressing once I can speak with Maria in person.

Cheers! Storm :sunglasses: