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Don't know much about South Coast...pls help!

we are a family of 4, kids are 13 and 11, and are planning a 2 week trip to Dom Rep in mid Feb. We are looking at staying at one all-inclusive for the entire duration.

Here’s the problem. We were looking at booking the Majestic Colonial or Melia in Punta Cana until I found out the water/waves etc are not calm like Negril in Jamaica. i’m not a swimmer and we all very much like to play in the water without fear of being swept out. The waters in Negril are crystal clear, calm and just a small lapping of waves at the beach. Someone recommended I check out the south coast, incl La Romana.

I know nothing outside of PC. PLEASE HELP.

Is access from the PC airport easy to this area.

What about best all-inclusive hotels for a family…larger rooms are nice, good food, great beach etc. I have read about the Iberostar Hacienda Dom and Viva Wyndham Dom Palace…are these good?

Please advise.

Thanks so much,
Brad - Canada.

The South Coast has calmer waters and maybe warmer then PC.
That is our personal finding after being 4 times in the South and three times inPC.
The Dreams (formerly Casa del Mar) La Romana, Iberostar Hacienda will offer you pretty much everything what you can expect from all inclusive places. We were twice in Venta Club (now Catalonia ) just next to Iberostar and could be a great place for people loving the sea water but not the wavy ones…
The IHD offers more luxury, more family oriented , Dreams offers better entertainment, and greater snorkeling from shore.
The Catalonia has mostly Italian clientele but the food is outstanding (see some reviews by Kaki) and same great beach.
There are the other ones Coral Canoa etc, but the only thing I can say the water is calm there too.
Hope this help, and if not enough you can still do some search here, or at Debbie’s main page at South Coast reviews.

Hi jjackson, We’ve stayed at the Majestic and Ibero Bavaro in Punta Cana. I did find the water very rough when we stayed at the Majestic so rough that a wave knocked me down (was in knee deep) and as i was getting back up another got me! Buy the time the waves were done with me I was in an inch of water my top was down and my bottoms were down SO I CLEARED THE BEACH :o LOL! La Romana is much calmer we are returning to the Iberostar Hacienda for the 3rd time Dec 4th!! So to me the beach in P/C is nicer and the water in La Romana warmer calmer and the nice caribbean color. :slight_smile:

Hi jjackson!

I love the LaRomana Area! Because of the calm waters and great snorkeling.

I have a little info album for Dreams LaRomana, I have been there umpteen times and will be going back again in January…

The album was created when it was Sunscape Casa Del Mar but a lot of the info will be the same…like the room building layout and other things…


click on the pic above and you can explore the album.

Here is the album of pics of my last trip there in June


Here is a link to their website with more info on the resort:


there is a great navagation bar at the top of the page so you can explore more info…

Below is a pic / link to another album …it contains some update pictures as things are opening…my friend Jackie Dixon sends them to me, I will be updating these as I get more…just got some more today of the shops that are opening by the lobby!


She and her husband Steve and son Richard have the Dixons U Drive Boats on the beach


You can click on any pic and explore to see more…

Happy Choosing
Happy Travels!
bb/mt ;D