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Dream Vacation 2016

The Directors of Beyond The Beach are happy to announce that we will have details on our Dream Vacation giveaway next week.

Stay tuned and be sure to have your $10.00 ready.


Hey @bryanbrown I would like to donate couple of Debbie’s t-shirts so it maybe can be sold on Fiesta 2016?


Sounds great! We are always looking for items for the silent auction. I’ll PM you.

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The 2016 Dream Vacation vouchers are now available! Details can be found on our website:

Thank you & Good luck!

Many of you do not know this but you need a licence to operate this type of raffle in Canada. If you do not have a licence the raffle is illegal. This raffle does not lave a licence. Nobody would issue them a licence because they don’t qualify. Beyond the Beach Childrens Foundations Dream Vacation is illegal.

Louis206207: does this mean that you shouldn’t buy a ticket? Does this mean the DR kids who have no school supplies or even a school should go without because BTB doesn’t have a license for a raffle? They have been doing this for years but they should stop now because they don’t have a license? I’ll bet their group is better organized and more reputable that the bogus groups that send teenagers door to door selling crap in Ontario don’t have a license either. I’ll stay with Beyond the Beach; but thanks for your posting.

Looks like it is to me!


Below is their web page.


This is written on their site:

We are registered with Industry Canada as a not for Profit Charitable Organization. Our Registration Information is as Followed.
Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation
Corporation #4315022 BN
Reg. Off. Eff: Supplementary Letters Patent
August 24th, 2009
Canada Corporations Act - Part II

Thanks freedomryder for finding the right agency for the info; I was looking at the wrong one. And I do hope that Louis206207 saw it too. Bob From Canada does a great service for his favourite DR; just like a lot of us who support Cuba through Dubois. We need more people to emulate them globally.

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@Louis206207 how do you know if this is illegal or not? Did you check their license so that you can write this?

Yes, Beyond The Beach is a fantastic non profit organization and bobfromcanada and everyone else involved with It deserves Kudos from all of us on the forum as well as from every person they have helped.

I hope Bob will speak on this topic as he can set the record straight for anyone with any questions about the organization.

The foundation is legal and is legally registered as a not for profit with corporations Canada as pointed out by another poster. The lottery is not legal and they have been running it illegally for years. I know because I a a lawyer and deal with charities as my profession and can tell just by looking at the Page advertising the raffle that it is not legal. You need a licence to run a lottery according to Canada Code 206 and 206. If you do not have a licence you cannot run raffle. The people who run this organization are good people, they are just uneducated about the law. If you buy tickets knowing it’s an illegal raffle, that’s up to you but if you are caught, you could be criminally charged.

As pointed out BTBCF is a registered Not For Profit organization and we are registered with Industry Canada (or whatever their new name is). This does not include licencing for lottery activities.

The board of directors was advised of a potential licensing issue last fall and as a result of that concern, we spent the last 8 months in contact with AGCO as well as municipal leaders. Based on the information we were provided, we felt those concerns were resolved.

As we take all issues seriously, we have advised our members to halt any and all activities around the Dream Vacation Giveaway while we reach back out to those who provided guidance and ensure that proper rules are being followed.

The foundation will post an update as soon as we have confirmation from officials on the rules around our draw.

Thank you.

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Bryanbrown: I so hope that things work out bor BTB. I realize that in every country there is poverty; and the mantra to give at home first comes to mind and some posters get annoyed because Canada has poverty to. But a lot of travellers feel that the country they visit frequently (Cuba, DR, Costo Rico, El Salvador, Panama, Tanzania, Egypt, Israel, etc. the list goes on & on) has become a second home where they feel welcome and and with family they are so familiar with. I look at a lot of travel forums and Louis206207’s post amazed me. We all have opinions and I sure don’t want Domincans to suffer over this issue. Beyond The Beach members are caring people and pay their own way; and if a small raffle (not a million dollar lottery) goes 100% percent to the needy in DR - go for it - most of us commend Bob and the whole group and thank you.


Louis you are a dickhead!!! What kind of an idiot smears an organization whose sole purpose is to help underprivileged children get an education??? What right do you have to smear the good name of the people who work tirelessly, with no compensation, under a phony name while slandering others? Only a coward hides behind the computer, for someone who supposedly passed the bar exam, your language and grammar are sorely lacking. MRA, if I were you, I would take that nasty letter you received directly to the police because what “Louis The Lawyer” is doing falls under the Canadian Criminal Code (section 264(1), as criminal harassment. Funny how an educated lawyer such as himself didn’t recognize his own criminal behavior, perhaps he was too busy concentrating on the imaginary ones of the BTBCF. Additionally, as you were so busy researching the AGCO, you missed this part

" Only the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming may issue a licence to an eligible charitable or religious organization for the following:

Raffle lotteries where the total value of the prizes to be awarded exceeds $50,000;"


Sales have been suspended till BTBCF gets some legal advice


Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation has taken the concerns noted above extremely seriously and have re-engaged our contacts at the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario, The Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Nova Scotia, our local Municipal Licensing offices, Service Ontario, Service Canada, the Competition Bureau Canada, and have consulted with a legal firm to further insure that the actions we take, along with the rules and regulations, are fully appropriate.

Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation has also investigated and determined the IP address of the poster who is using the name ‘Louis206207’. This IP address has been traced back to Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto with a secondary posting traced back to Quebec. As a result of this portion of the investigation, we feel it is rather evident that the poster is NOT in the legal profession. This person has also committed FRAUD by sending letters to authorities in Wasaga Beach - representing themselves to be the Treasurer of BTBCF. That Town contacted us as they did not think it came from us as it was in a plain white envelop and, was not signed. They have written us and, we are good to go with the Fiesta there!

We have no other options than to respond in kind by contacting the Administration at Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital with the IP address used for the non related medical use of their equipment and let them investigate internally and take the necessary disciplinary actions they feel is appropriate.

We are unable to understand what would prompt these person(s) to be so vindictive as to try to stop the worthwhile and desperately needed efforts of Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation with helping the children of the Dominican Republic, where all so often even the “basic essentials of life” as we outside of the Dominican Republic know it to be, are not available to them.

After all, our “Mission Statement” states - “We encourage travelers to make their journeys more than just vacations - to reach beyond the beach and assist us in equipping the children of the Dominican Republic with the tools necessary for learning and living, dreaming and achieving - to empower the children to free themselves from the restraints of poverty and lack of opportunity, and decide their own future”.

The Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation, it’s Directors and participants, do NOT derive ANY benefit from these fundraising efforts - simply the heartwarming satisfaction of knowing we are helping to fulfill this “Mission” statement. We do it “All for the Kid’s”.

Due to the underhanded actions of a particular individual, we no longer have time to offer vouchers for our annual vacation draw. Instead, we will have a 4 night, all inclusive stay for 2 people at Melia Caribe Tropical Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic available to the highest bidder during our Silent Auction at the Dominican Fiesta at Wasaga Beach on Saturday, September 17. The stay must be taken between Sept. 19 and Dec. 22 of this year.

If you are contemplating staying at the Melia Caribe Tropical Resort during that time frame, arrange to use the 4 nights at the start or end of your vacation to have 11 or 18 nights at this wonderful resort - you just need to adjust your air fare. Or, if you have a condo in Punta Cana, use the 4 nights as a pamper during your stay in Punta Cana! If you live in the Dominican Republic - what a nice time away…


Well said Olive,

it is too bad that some underhanded fool **’**Louis206207’****"can cause such mayhem.

BTBCF will not speculate as to the person behind the “Louis206207” username. As our President noted we will advise Sick Kids Hospital of our findings and let them manage the next steps internally.

Debbies forum is not to be used to air dirty laundry or accuse people of actions without proof behind those statements.

Thank you everyone for your support and we hope you can attend our annual fiesta in Wasaga Beach in Sept 17th.


What we have the most questions about are that the first post was sent from a computer at Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto… HOW can someone who either works there or visiting there condemn our trying to help poor children in another country who do not have access to all the things our children do?

As stated - to try and help, we will be putting the 4 nights at the Melia up as a Silent Auction item. Of course this means MUCH less funds for the children of the Dominican Republic BUT, we will do our best! We do hope that Louis206207 enjoys his or her perfect life and their “clear” conscience and doesn’t worry about the harm they may have cause these poor children.

We have ALL our ducks in a row and the blessings of Wasaga Beach Town officials so, come one - come all to help us have a successful Fiesta…

Olive Thompson, President
Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation

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