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Dream Vacation 2016


Has free wifi so I could have been sent from Louis206207 ipad.

I will delete my post on who I think it was/


OK, Fiesta 2016 has just been completed. It was very successful and despite the weather, everyone had a good time and raised some much needed funds for Beyond The Beach projects. With the loss of funds obtained through Dream Vacation, some projects will have to be cut back and as such, it’s a terrible loss for the children of the Dominican Republic.
I’d like to thank all who attended the fiesta and special thanks to Bob and Heather Brooks who hosted this year’s event. Again, everyone who wouldn’t or couldn’t attend, you missed a great event. Hopefully you will be able to come next year and enjoy great times with great people.


Yes - another great Dominican Fiesta. Bob & Heather also hosted breakfast this morning so even more dollars can go to the kids of the Dominican Republic!
Due to the unfortunate turn of events… thanks to Louis … we will still be able to meet our commitment for our scholarship through DREAM Project but… our other kids will do without!
Fingers crossed for next year - plans are already in the works!!


Plain and simple. BTBCF needs funds in order to help those kids. The Dream Vacation was their major fundraiser. The hotel saw the value in what they are doing (make that were doing now) and donated the all-inclusive package to the foundation. I see the value in what they are doing. I attended the fiesta, and bid and purchased a number of items from the silent auction that I didn’t need or want. Ditto for some of the leftover yard sale items I purchased. My wife didn’t see anything she wanted to bid on in the auction, so she simply gave them some cash. Ok, the odds of getting that Dream Vacation were 1 in 500, but there’s nothing stopping people from changing those odds to 0 in 500 and simply making a donation. Without funds they simply can’t help the kids that need the help. Right now they have insuffient funds and …


Special thanks to Bob & Heather, for being excellent hosts at the Fiesta, we really enjoyed ourselves.

No thanks to the asshole “Louis” for fu ing up a good cause


On behalf of the BTBCF Directors I’d like to express our gratitude to Bob and Heather for hosting us this year.

While our efforts to help the kids of the Dominican were hampered this summer, the foundation will no longer publicly comment on those actions. The Foundation looks forward to an exciting year ahead.