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Dream Vacation Winner

Pauline Moon
Innisfil Ontario

Utube video will be uploaded in the morning

Was waiting for my call…didn’t come…going to bed now.



congratulations. I Guess I should not of promised a winner in the tickets I sold.

Congratulations to Pauline - nice chat after the draw.

Technology is great - when it works the way you think it should… I’ve uploaded the draw video to my computer and watched it. Tried uploading to web and it just spins round and round! One option is “upload to Facebook” - well, I’ve done that and it just disappears - not sure where the heck it went… any suggestions?

Greggy - tell them “EVERY voucher is a winner cause the money goes to the children of the Dominican Republic”… use if you want…

Thanks to everyone who bought and sold vouchers!

Saw Pauline at work tonight, she is so happy to have won…going in April.

Brian, can l buy one off you next year, buying them from myself isn’t working!

PS - I would still like to see the video - it would be nice for those that bought to see…

PSPS - 3 more sleeps!

Jay - I don’t know why the video won’t upload… as I said earlier, I’ve tried and it isn’t working! We posted the video last year and, I’m doing the same thing this year and it’s not working - I’ll keep trying.

Congrats to all the winners !!!

Jay… a “guest” ???

Jay… a “guest” ???[/quote]
It’s a mystery here too. I wasn’t aware of it until I tried to answer a PM and it wouldn’t send. Non of the mods have any idea. Hopefully it was just a board hiccup. I’ve asked the editor to check the security log to see who deleted the account. We’ve also sent messages to Jay via other methods.

Must have been the way I was holding my tongue this time but, I was able to upload the video to Beyond the Beach facebook page!!!

Go to facebook and search for Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation.

Hope everyone can see it!!