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Dreams La Romana, as it was in October

Still trying to edit out the surplus, but for now I have hundreds of pictures and dozens of videos of my fall trip to this fab property posted at:


There is lots of coverage of the hotel, not stressing the construction nor the old Sunscape property but more of my experience on the beach and what I saw and lived. At the end is a patch of shots covering the drive from Punta Cana to Bayahibe which so many people ask about, and info on the Gri Gri dive and tour options.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything you see! Can’t wait to be back on February 6!! ;D

Kaki :smiley:

I always love flipping through your albums. Another great job!

Great Pics as usual Hon! You will love what you see in February!


Happy Travels
bb/mt ;D

Hi Kaki, your cover photo is a five star one!
And I saw other pretty nice ones. Too bad was stormy weather… That was two years ago when we were there…
Hope in 4 weeks when you and we will be in the area will be a better one!
Thanks for sharing the photos, and videos.
Did you start the count-down? I guess so.

Joecan, I appreciate your sympathies, but I really enjoyed the weather! I went to the DR for about 3 years without having more than sun showers and I love the rain (in doses). I love storms even more so being on the periphery of a hurricane is all the better! It’s okay for me since I have the benefit of repeat visits so I feel for those who go for one week a year and have days of storms, but I think “weather” makes for great conditions.

And thanks so much for the comment on my picture! A compliment on a photograph from you is a great thing!


Yes Kaki, you are right all the way. I like storm, lightnings, but if is possible not in that one week holiday. If I would have chances to go more often, you bet I would cry for some weird weather.
Maybe I’ll see you in Bayahibe (would be nice to meet you in person!) in February.
(We’ll be at IHD - but that’s a walking distance from Bayahibe/Dreams - we did bigger walks last year in PC to see some friends from EdenH to Riu Bambu…)
And for the comment regarding your photography: you are welcome. Is a great thing to see more than the usual “flash on - holiday pics”.
My gear is ready for IHD gallery…and my CDM , now Dreams LR is outdated…

It is quite a distance to go from Dreams to IBHD, your walking shoes better be in order… As for the walk, you must use the road and knowing the type of drivers that use that road, a taxi or our friendly gua gua is in order, about 10 minutes by car… Hope you enjoy IBHD as much as we did

Thanks for the warning, but we did two years ago the walk from CDM to IHD. And we walked a few times when at Venta (now Catalonia if I’m right - next to IHD) to Bayahibe. Piece of cake. The only thing what everybody should know: don’t go from Bayahibe to Dreams on the road… That’s a suicidal walk.
And maybe Kaki or somebody else can confirm: is a path from Iberostar area (well after passing the Viva to Bayahibe parallel with the shore.
I know a few minutes with car, but you have to get off those extra lbs added in AI…

I call that the “horse path”. It’s not for the uninitiated! The route is generally along the coast but it cuts in and out in a rather unexpected matter, I think. If you always select the “bear left” option when you meet a fork in the road you may end up at the water with no option but to retrace your steps or forge your own path along the rocky outcroppings (which may not be a bad idea). Bring your swim togs and things you don’t mind getting wet so you can just jump in and swim the rest of the way! You may also note that the path is heading inland but that needn’t be a cause for concern since it will ultimately reach the water too. I’ve just loaded an aerial shot of the area that I’d marked with the horse route to the end of the album from a horseback ride I did. The path is pretty wide in this shot:


but it’s often tighter.

Joe, if you’re prepared to take the walk to Bayahibe from Dominicus, I’ll certainly walk to Bayahibe from Dreams to meet you! We should exchange info and you can give me a call if you think it’s possible.


Thanks so much Kaki, you are wonderful, as usual.
We might take the road (we’ll be with kids also , but the big one is dreaming for months about Bayahibe…so we have to take him there for sure)
In two weeks will be enough time to go there. And I will take the cameras, so be prepared!!!
I’ll try to contact you before.

Hola Amiga! :smiley:

Finally had the chance to go through your October album. As usual, you have some fabulous shots in there with brilliant colours! Love those sunset shots - you’re giving me ideas for April.

I hope to see your February pics before I leave in March. The excitement keeps building - amazed I haven’t burst from it all yet!

Keep it coming!
Hugs, Storm :sunglasses: