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Dreams palm beach

Has anyone seen any reviews or pics of dreams palm beach ?

It’s too early for any reviews since their soft opening was only about a week ago. Not too many guests were booked for this phase. We were on the property last week and took photos which (with a little luck) should be ready to post today. We liked what we saw and found the staff very friendly.

Photos posted. See http://www.worldisround.com/articles/350307/index.html

WOW, Wow, wow!

Thanks so much Bob! LOVED going through all those great shots!

Happy to see they kept the “Charm” that I loved about it

LOVED the new pool with pool bar! And the room shots were great! AND the Japanese Restaurants with the stair case…I really can’t wait to get back and see it all in person…

Thanks so much for sharing!

bb/mt ;D

To Bob from Cananda thanks so much for the great pics of Dreams palm Beach!! Fantastic!!! Now I’m really looking forward to March for our sons wedding. Thank you, good job. Wubba

I think wow,wow,wow hit it right on the head. I do belief Dreams should contact you to buy the pics for there ad. Great job. Now I actually hope when we get to the airport the 12th of Jan the Apple rep says we’re going there. Outstanding job!!