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Dreams Punta Cana toiletries?

We have been to DR several times. The first time we went to Sunscape the Beach now Dreams Punta Cana there was an array of toiletries provided. The second time we were provided teeny weeny soap – that was about it. Since they have updated (?) what is the situation now?

People! This is not a silly question – if you fly from U.S. there is now way you can carry on a weeks worth of toiletries and I’m not keen on buying stuff after I get down there.


We take two weeks worth from Canada (ziploc bags in our checked baggage)…

Maybe we’re not quite as clean as some others - LOL.


Ditto what Gregg said. Other than soap, we take our own supply of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, etc. in ziplock bags in our checked luggage.

Of course you can carry a week’s supply (or two). We never use “their” stuff (except for soap) …

You can also have whatever you require in checked bags, and, from what I’ve seen at airports, most people vacationing for a week have some checked bags.

Thanks everybody – guess we will have to check a bag – can’t lock bags from the U.S. – the TSA locks are not permitted out of the U.S. but thanks for your good old Canadian tips – sometimes it would be refreshing to be from Canada.

Sorry, my bad, I thought our American cousins checked baggage just like we do - LOL.

TSA locks are allowed anywhere in the world (AFAIK) but outside of the USA they will be treated just like any lock and be cut off if necessary - only TSA (US only) inspectors have the “special” keys to open them. This means that TSA locks serve their full purpose on US domestic flights only.

Obviously some of our opinions are slanted but we always think it is “refreshing to be from Canada” - LOL.

Seasons greetings.


We check the toiletries (a lot of them. I’m a freak.) in an unlocked suitcase. It never occurred to me that anyone would be after my toiletries. Of course, if my SPF 60 sunscreen and deliciously scented shampoo is what some poor guy is after in my suitcase, they likely need it more than I do. We always squirrel away the hotel toiletries and give them away off resort. Or, if there isn’t a need in the place where we’re travelling, we donate them back home to a woman’s shelter. They are always much appreciated.