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Dreams Resort Hotel

Do I need to take my hair dryer and travel iron to this hotel? I hope not as I am trying to keep the luggage weight down.

Which Dreams??
there are 2.

Hopefully baltobabe will read this and answer you, she would know if they both have the items you mentioned.

Thanks, Dreams at Punta Cana but we haven’t been to DR before, think it is Bavaro.

[quote=@ilovemyholidays]Thanks, Dreams at Punta Cana but we haven’t been to DR before, think it is Bavaro.


Here is a link that shows all that is included.


We are both going to be at the same resort, or least thats what our PMs have said LOL… so hairdryer and iron are in the room, going by the listing on the above page…

They are absolutely included, but if the iron is missing, ask after one. I was once one of the guilty who took mine to another room for tandem pressing and neglected to return it. The next guest may’ve noticed it was gone but it wasn’t the hotel’s fault. I am also remembering that somebody asked if irons were supposed to be in the rooms to the airline rep who said that they weren’t–something to do with a fire hazard. That was that rep making it up and not the rule at all. We all had irons, that person didn’t. We all shrugged and that person went to request one.


I am going to Dreams Palm Beach for my wifes 40th birthday, we will be there Jan 14th to Jan 21st and I want to make sure it is special. I see the reviews and realize they have just opened. I see that Debbie is in contact with the GM Linda Capelli and wonder what she found out about this place. Also I have a guarenteed room upgrade and $100 credit for the hotel and wonder if anyone know what the room upgrade is? I currently have a deluxe gardenview and wonder if anyone knows what the upgrade is. Like I said I just want to make this as special as posible for her.

We went there 2 years ago (first time travelling anywhere) when it was Sunscape the Beach for our 10th wedding anniversary. It was ABSOLUTLY AMAZING…You won’t be dissapointed. All it did was change names, my friend went to the resort just after it switched names and it all looked the same. We had the choice to upgrade when we arrived and refused it and still had an awesome room, it was actually a swim up in the 5th building on the left hand side just past the spa…You said you have a garden view …The odd number for the buildings are on the left hand side and the even are on the right hand side. The left hand side (buildings) have the swim up rooms and the garden views on this side overlook the back area of the resort. The right hand side (buildings) overlook the gardens. I would rather have the swim up room instead of the garden view because you could be looking at the backside of the resort all week, I prefer to overlook the pool area myself but just my opinion. In any case you will have an amazing time enjoy, you picked an beautiful resort…We are heading to the DR (Majestic Colonial) in Feb 09 with our good friends if it wasn’t so soon after our frist trip we would have returned…Again Have FUN & ENJOY…

Oooops, the many property confusion…

Hey Lynn! How are you doing, darlin’!

The property that we were at is now Dreams Punta Cana and Dreams Palm Beach is another down in the Bavaro area. There is now Dreams La Romana in the mix as well, so more confusion will ensue I’m sure! The changes made at Dreams Palm Beach as compared with Dreams Punta Cana were far more substantial, but more change was required. Sunscape the Beach was closer to the Dreams idea even as a Sunscape so less reno was needed.


Hi there ilovemyholidays!

Yes indeed the iron and ironing boards are in each room at Dreams Punta Cana.

I have created a little info album you may be interested in about the resort with other info you may find helpful


Click on pic above to access it…as always any prices are subject to change…

Also you can send an email down to Eileen who is the chief conceirge and manager of the Guest Services Department

Eileen Ostos

Hope the above is somewhat helpful!

Happy Travels
and Happy Holidays!

bb/mt ;D

Hi there hzyrdrk,

I will be at Dreams Palm Beach starting Jan 15th. I have been in touch with Linda and the resort since before they closed to to the renos.

Right now you can reach their chief concierge and manager of Guest Services Hilaro and his team here:


If I can be of any assistance please let me know…


Happy Travels!
and Happy New Year…

I hope to see you there!

bb/mt ;D

Thanks a bunch, has anyone seen any pictures floating around since the rehab of dreams palm beach? I look on trip advisor and have seen a few, there are so many negative reviews on there that I dont even want to see that site!!! Please let me know if you know where any are posted!!

I posted about 100 of them (soft opening, about Dec 14). You can get to them via my website at www.bobfromcanada.com