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Dreams review

Finally got an answer back from Sunquest and Dreams, so submitted my review of Dreams Punta Cana today…

Am sure it will be posted shortly :slight_smile:

Sorry if its longwinded and all…but wanted it to be accurate and not seen with rose coloured glasses like some of the dreams reviews.

Lay it all out on the table so others know what you experienced.
I know who you will not be using in the future.

Well it seems to me that the first three reviews about this resort are very positive in all aspects. However some people just might not be happy with this or any other resort they might go to. Plus I don’t wear rose colored glasses but view all other visitors to this resort no matter whether they liked it or not

We’re headed there in six days so I’ll get to formulate my own opinion. I won’t be wearing rose colored glasses, beer glasses maybe but definitely not rose colored.