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Dress Code Cuban Resorts

For all ::: No swim wear in restaurants
High end evening meal men - no shorts - no T shirts
                                         Ladies shorts and mini skirts O.K. ???

Swimwear for breakfast is OK as long as ladies have a sarong etc.
Agree… high end evening meal… pants and golf shirt minimum

No problem with the mini skirt for the ladies LOL!

When I was at the Playa Blanca, there was an older man who walked in for breakfast with only a “speedo” on. I was happy to see that he was turned away by staff and told to put on a shirt at least.

When I stayed at resorts I always wore long trousers in the evening, whether it was at a buffet or an a la carte restaurant.

When I was referring to swimwear in my post “speedo” didn’t cross my mind! LOL

A few years back while having lunch at the outdoor restaurant there was an elderly gentleman walking up and down in a bright neon yellow thong… I guess he was quite harmless but hehehehehe what a sight :slight_smile:

No one wears long pants at Don Lino - Si !!!

It’s only a 2 star property and probably doesn’t have a dress code, that’s why.

Definitely long pants and no T shirts for the a la cartes, dressy pants/skirt and top or dress for women.