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Dress code for ala carte at Dreams La Romana

just want to be clear on the difference between flip flops and sandals for the men at the ala carte’s, and do they in fact adhere to this rule.

flops and sandals are the same as far as ala carte’s go, I think the rule is closed toe shoe. I don’t know if they adhere to the rule there, but I’ve seen people turned away because of it at other places

Generally speaking: to have dinner at the buffet it’s OK in sandals. But is not OK in shorts, most places at least a bermuda is expected.
But in “a la carte” is expected to have a closed shoe and pants. I guess it is a normal thing.
In my opinion this shouldn’t be a questionable thing: expecting a nice meal with candle light, extras or so and go in beach dress, straight from beach bar…
Just my two (Canadian) cents

:slight_smile: There was all manner of dress at the a la cartes when we were there and the only time I saw an employee actually “address” any clothing “faux pas” was asking a fellow (in shorts and a T-shirt at Martinos) to put something on his bare feet (he was walking around the restaurant). He went on put his flip-flops on. Obviously at that time they were not enforcing the dress-code. :-*

Stacker, when are you travelling?

We arrive March 23rd and I will be happy to inform of the current rule when I arrive if it will assist.

My information is sandals, runners or formal shoes are acceptable - but no flip flops.

If my timing will help, let me know. I’ll post after arrival.
]Storm :sunglasses:

Open toed sandals are fine for men if they fall within the spirit of the rule. The a la cartes are offering finer dining for those who want it. If you want casual you have a number of options at this hotel. If you want an elevated experience it’s an option too. Beach flip flops are different from stylish leather sandals and I’ve seen men in those with no problem. This hotel appears to be more lenient and flexible than some (most?) since their written rule says that sandals ARE allowed and flip flops aren’t. (That rule applies at my office too, but I wear backless sandals all the time just nothing that would be confused with a beach shoe.

Here is their code:

Bermudas (long shorts or capri pants), sneakers/ tennis shoes or sandals. No sleeveless shirts for men. Ladies must wear a bathing suit wrap or cover-up.

Casual Elegance
Sneakers/ tennis shoes or sandals, dress shirts with sleeves. No sleeveless shirts or flip-flops and long pants required for men.

The Casual restaurants are Seaside Grill, Jungle Bar, Oceana and World Cafe (buffet). The Casual Elegance restaurants are Bordeaux (adults only), Portofino, El Patio and Himitsu.