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Dressing for Gala dinner

Hi folks,
We are going to be at the GBP for Christmas and I’m wondering about how to dress.
In particular, my husband says he really doesn’t want to bring a suit (don’t blame him :stuck_out_tongue: ) so, he’s thinking of just some nice pants and a dress shirt. Then he asked, “Can I wear sandals?” LOL This brings a funny picture to my mind but I thought I would ask you all what kind of footwear the men do. Also, would you suggest long sleeve dress shirt sans tie, or a nice short sleeve polo type ?
Also…would it be too hot to wear stockings with a dress, or should it be more informal (and tropical) with bare legs?

Thanks for any and all suggestions. :slight_smile:

Leave the suit at home! In all our trips my husband has always just worn dress pants with a nice golf/polo type shirt and that is typical of how other guests are dressed. Different resorts have different policies on men wearing sandals to dinner - my hubby just keeps a pair of comfy dress shoes to bring to the DR with us. As for you, don’t even think about wearing stockings - you will melt! Bare legs are completely acceptable for you. Most resorts really don’t have a dress code for women - the men are expected to wear pants and a shirt with sleeves but women can show up to dinner in shorts and a tank top if they wish. I usually bring sundresses or skirts with tops; even capri pants with a nice top are perfectly fine. Bring what is comfortable for both of you and you’ll be fine!

YES, yes, yes. Leave the suit at home. A nice pair of tropical weight pants and a short sleeved golf/polo shirt will be just fine. For me, closed toe shoes are just fine at dinner. I’ve had enough of the sandals by dinner time …

Ok…thanks guys. He will be ecstatic to leave the suit at home, but I just want to clarify that I am asking about dress for the Christmas Gala dinner.
I usually just wear nice summery things in the tropics but wasn’t sure if nylons were required for super dressy…and hey, what if my husband WANTS garters. LOL J/K

So, you DO bring closed toe shoes? I will mention it to him then. I just can’t see a super dressy affair and sandals going together but, for one night…

I wish I could see pictures of the Gala dinners. It would help too.

I suspect your husband won’t be wearing sandals and will have closed toe shoes when he travels through the airport in Toronto at Christmas time. Those shoes should work for dinner.

As Ginny has stated leave that suit at home. My husband would never ever think of bringing it with him. To darn hot he says. As for the sandals, wear closed shoes and if he feels uncomfortable wearing them , just change after awhile. No biggie. You will have a wonderful time at any resort you go to for the New Years Gala. We always did