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Drinking water


We are staying at the royal suites Melia Caribe. So you definitely shouldn’t drink the tap water, is this correct? What about the ice cubes and what about showers? I met a travel agent golfing last week and they said it was fine to eat the salads and fruit because they use purified water. Is it a matter of what resort you go to?


Don’t drink the tap water; bottled water is available.
Ice cubes are OK.
Salads are washed in purified water, so they’re OK too.
Keep your mouth closed in the shower.
No singing. ;D


Bob is correct on all counts. Plus I use bottled water to brush my teeth. I have used tap water to rinse with and not had problems, but I prefer to use the bottled stuff. No sense in taking a chance. I’ve never had any problems on the resort with salads and fruits, although off the resort, I might be a little more careful.


Greg, thanks for finishing my statement.
Ice cubes are OK ON THE RESORT.
Using bottled water for brushing your teeth is the best idea.


We also use bottle water to brush our teeth, pack some purrell. Use it often and I don’t think you will have a problem. It was our 3rd trip and I have never been sick. Enjoy


I know out of habit I am going to be putting my toothbrush under the tap. Will have to drill it into my head not to do that. Every resort we have been to I have used the tap water for brushing my teeth, even though there was bottled water right beside the sink, with no side effects.

My same thoughts (about keeping mouth closed in shower)when I heard not to drink the tap water.


I have been to the DR 4 times and always brush my teeth with tap water and have never been sick. Can’t speak for the shower, I don’t sing there. I always take hand sanitizer, wipes and tissues with me in case I have to use the bathroom off the resort, not all public bathrooms are clean or have toilet paper and/or soap.


I already have the hand santitizer and TP set aside to take.


My personal feeling…contrary to above…is that you are much less apt to get sick dining away from the resort. Of all the complaints I have heard in the forums on getting sick everyone of them blamed it on a resort.

In 20 + trips I have never been sick staying at a D.R. resort except for maybe a day of “the Puerto Plata Splattas”, but eating off the resorts on several vacations the only thing that has happened to us is we all start to feeling healthier.


Maybe I’m blessed with a healthy stomach but I have never had a problem. Always use tap water to clean my teeth, often drink some of tap water. Eat away from the AI hotel as well. The water is clean BUT it does have more and possibly different minerals etc to what we are used to in the UK,USA and Canada. Know your body is my best advice, I know mine can cope with lots of different things, if you know you have a dodgy tum then treat it with respect and take care.

Cheers Amanda :-*


Oh I like that line “Puerto Plata Splattas”. :smiley:

I sure hope I don’t find out what that is about.

Not too concerned about my ‘tum’ as I have been lucky not to have gotten sick anywhere we have been. (Not saying that it won’t eventually happen.) :-X

I am one who is game to try a taste of anything for the first time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bebbie, you don’t want to go threw it :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have full intentions of being more careful when we go. I don’t want my vacation ruined by spending time in the bathroom.

Biggest fear - that ‘IT’ hits me when I am on the airplane and there is a line up for the bathroom(s).


So I’m not the only one that worries about things like that. (will make hubby read that post, he thinks I’m nuts when I start thinking of stuff like that days before we leave) :smiley:


As BobFromCanada said don’t drink the tap water. We have been going th the DR. for over twenty years and have never been sick due to the ice cubes, food or keeping our mouths shut while in the shower. Thats right our mouths as she scratches my back and I scratch hers, Oops, am I allowed to say that?


Halina, you are not nuts for worrying about the lineup on the plane for the bathroom, I too worry about the same thing. You just have to say excuse me I need to go first!!! I think everyone would understand why.


I’m still waiting for rifaximin to be available in Canada, so I don’t have to go threw that again


This is getting funny. :smiley:


Halina … I’ve travelled to different places in the carribean including the DR 3 times (another trip planned for April) and have never had the “Splatters” (lol) … although some of my friends have and they’ve taken “Imodium” and it really helped them. Didn’t have to rush (if you know what I mean) … hehehe … I also use bottled water to brush my teeth etc. … hopes this helps!


Ah “Imodium” never leave home without it. (for hubby) :smiley: