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Drives me crazy


Drives me crazy, Why do members insist on calling the venders (locals) I find this rude . That there job. I fine many people here just as aggresive for sales. I work in retail and when sales are down wherever you have to get a little pushy, as there are families to feed. As far as the beggers . I live in a small town and when I venture to Toronto I see beggers and people lying on the street and I find this disturing as we are not a 3rd world country . I have many Dominican friends and I wouldn’t not ever use the term locals. I am a huge fan of the D.R. so do be respectful afterall you are a visitor there to enjoy there ways not to criticize or be so judgemental.


I don’t think that anyone means any disrespect when referring to the Dominican people as “locals”. I live in Canada and we refer to ourselves as locals, since we are not visitors to our own city.


IMHO the term “locals” is only a descriptor to differentiate the local residents from tourists and by itself is neither respectful nor disrespectful. The respect or lack of same, comes in the words and phrases which follow the word “locals” and put the word in a context.

I do agree that the word is not always used in the most respectful way but it is the usage not the word itself.

Mi dos pesos.



I don’t think there’s any disrespect intended either.
Perhaps the original poster can come up with a better term for us to use.


What else would we call people who live there?? And if I come to visit your town, what would I call you?

Well I guess we could call them…

The guys who work in the huts on the beach and may or may not live in Bavaro/Punta Cana but might because if they lived in another area they would just work there.

I have been calling people who live in a town or city that I am visting “locals” my whole life and have never been uncomfortable doing it.

I think you are being a little over sensitive