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Driving from Havana to Guantanamo

I always wanted to rent a car and drive from Havana all the way to Guantanamo. I have been so many times in Cuba and I rented a car and longest I drove was about 250 km one way. I would not drive from Havana to Guantanamo fast I would go around and visit different towns and places. I would visit Viñales, Trinidad etc all what I never had chance to visit before. If I have possibility to rent a car in Havana and leave it in Guantanamo would be great option but as I know I will have to return car to Havana. Have any of you had such experience? What do you think how many days it would take me to do so?

check with Terry on this one … it is a long, long way. Remembering you safely only have daylight hours driving available.

Would be nice, I am sure, if you had lots of time and patience.

Just looking at a map, I think you would need at least 3 weeks if you want to do some exploring. If you just drive from one area to another you must stop and enjoy the local life! And of course on return from Gtmo you’d want to take a different route to Havana in order to see more of the country. And even at 3 weeks, you might be short-changing yourself. SteveYYZ would probably be a great resource as well.

Just looked at Cubacar website and it allows you to drop off your car at a different location charging a drop off fee.Price could be scary but the option is there. You would need at least six driving days there and back and one or two would be long days. The main highway running out of Havana is not too bad you would be best to stick to it and shoot off to get to where you want to be. Signage and roads are a bit tricky when you get off the main highway.

Ratwalto: I’m really late with this, but I wanted to say welcome to the forum. It’s a change from the other forum (for the better I think). Please don’t invite Mandy - he’s on the prowl again.

Thanks for the welcome Judy. Mum’s the word as far as Mandy goes.

Thanks I did not know that I have option to drop off car at a different location in Cuba but good to know. Now how much is the fee of dropping off rant-a-car at a different location if anyone knows?
I know it would be long journey but would be good experience. In the future there might be more traffic and more cars in Cuba so maybe it is better and safer to do it now than later.