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Driving from Santo Domingo to Sousa


My wife and I are flying into Santo Domingo and we are staying at the Casa Marina Beach in Sousa. We were thinking of renting a car and driving up to our hotel in Sousa and I’ve got a few questions:

  1. How long would the drive take?
  2. Is it better to get a rental car or seek another type of transportation?
  3. If we were to take the bus how long would it take?
  4. Our flight arrives at 3:45pm is it adviseable to drive to Sousa at this hour (daylight considering)?

We’ve rented cars in Mexico and St. Maarten and have been accustomed to the local driving quirks there, is driving in DR comparable?

Thanks for the help


sabwjz, Welcome to DDT, nice to have you here. I do not have answers to your questions, sorry, but from what I have read driving in the DR is a real adventure and not advisible for most. However, you do have experience driving on your previous holidays so maybe you will be fine. Taxis are fairly cheap and numerous in the DR. Potholes even more so, and insurance can be something else. Hopefully, someone much wiser and with more experience will be able to answer your questions soon. Am sure you will have a wonderful trip. Bon voyage amigo!


I see you asked the same question on DR1 and received excellent answers there. I won’t repeat them here but if anyone else needs similar info please see: