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Duty Free Cigarettes


Does anyone know the price, offhand, of a carton of smokes ( Players Extra Light Regular for example) bought at Duty Free?
Are they really less expensive than a carton bought locally? ( I can’t remember!!)
What time does the Duty Free stores usually open?
We are flying out of Montreal at 0600…in 13 days!


Friends were down to Maine for the week-end and she bought a carton of Players Extra Light for $45 Cdn at the duty free.


It’s a little cheaper, but for me I hate have to drag around the extra bag, I pack mine. You might get some cheap coming home at the duty free there. Enjoy.


Yes the duty free will be open in Montreal at that time. I think they open around 4 AM. The Players etc should be around 45-48 a carton - cheaper than by the pack locally. They’re even cheaper if you get 3.


There should also be a duty-free on the plane, but the selection of brands may not be as good. Prices “should be” similar to the duty-free shop but will probably vary by a dollar or two.


If there is an Indian reserve around where you live then you can buy them for $28, that is their own brand but I do believe they sell your brand for about $35. When I smoked their brand it was similar to your favorite brand
of smokes.

I buy mine nearby on the reserve $20 in ziplock bag $30 in cig packs, Dominican brands are about 70 peso’s but they are tough, we really all should QUIT


I paid $55.00 for a carton of Players Light Regular at the Halifax airport in April of this year. Wish I knew someone near a reservation or coming to the Breezes from Montreal.


Caroline have you tried the 'Generic" brand? They are the same IMHO and are labelled “Canadian”. They are a lot cheaper than regular Players brand. I doubt one can get them at Duty Free, but are available here in BC.