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Duty free leaving Canada?


I was wondering we are leaving Sat A.M. for Punta CanaWill duty free be opened at 4 or so in the morning?and if so can I buy smokes to bring with me ?thanks ::slight_smile:


if its not u can get them duty free on the plane


I know At Toronto Pearson they are open for the morning flights leaviing at 6Am, i believe they open in Toronto at 5Am


Thanks guys we are leaving from Halifax,what about duty free there??? :sunglasses:


Anytime we have left YHZ, including 6 a.m. flights, the duty-free stores have always been open.


As Northernale 1 pointed out, if they are closed you can always get some on the plane. May not be your fav brand, but you do what you have to do. I seem to recall that it was about $50 for a carton.


the duty free is alway open before the fight down…


capegirl…we flew with Canjet from Halifax to POP on Feb. 4th. We had a 6am flight and duty free was open. I bought a carton of smokes for $49.99. If you are flying with CanJet, buy all of your tobacco allowance b4 you board in Halifax,(i never thought of that until it was too late) as duty free was not offered on the plane on the way there, or on the way back. However you could buy at duty free in Punta Cana, but no Canadian brand smokes.


Just back last week from Punta Cana, I bought smokes at airport in Calgary , my husband tried to convince me to buy on plane. GOOD THING I didn’t because they did not have duty free on that flight. They said it was because the plane turned around to come home and had to carry two meals. The brochure prices for duty free smokes were cheaper on the plane, but were not available. We flew with Air Canada. I don’t know if you can check with your carrier, but you won’t find Canadian smokes in DR. The local Marboro smokes were not bad, but in a pinch, but…


When we left for Cuba last year in the wee hours YES the duty free was open at HI. Not all airlines sell duty free on board! You may want to check with your carrier!

We tend to buy our duty free cigarettes going down. The choice is better!