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Duty Tax on imports from Cuba to Canada?

I was wandering if anyone know if person has extra bottle of rum how much would pay import tax traveling from Cuba to Canada? How Canadian customs charge is there any list of items and its cost somewhere online?

The duties and taxes vary, depending which province you are returning through. There is an online calculator somewhere. I will see if I can find it.

I found it, I think.
I haven’t actually used that one myself, but it was referenced on TripAdvisor. I had found another site specific to Alberta, and that was the one I had used. It was the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commiaaion website. The information doesn’t seem to be there now, but back in January, 2012, they indicated a rate of approximately $7.30 plus GST for a 750 ml bottle of spirits.
See my comment #6 here:

Personally I wouldn’t try to import an additional bottle of rum to save a few cents.

I never did it before as well so I guess it would not be just paying but taking my time as well?

Thank you cubajack for info and calculator!

Keep in mind that IF you don’t declare on the declaration form that you have more than is allowed duty free it MAY be confiscated with no opportunity to pay duties or fines .

[quote=@bicycleman]Keep in mind that IF you don’t declare on the declaration form that you have more than is allowed duty free it MAY be confiscated with no opportunity to pay duties or fines .

You are right bicycleman! That is the reason I asked how much it would cost to import extra bottle. How long it takes for someone to pay duties? I always stay in the limits allowed so never had issues but I am sure that some other members might have same question. Thanks

Many many people bring an extra bottle or two and declare it and are never charged any duty or taxes… but a person should always be prepared to pay if necessary.

The saving in Albertta is quite substantial. Considering that a bottle of Havana Club 7 yo is about $30 here, you could bring that extra one back for about half that.

My friends often are over their limit, and always declare it. I don’t think they have been charged duty yet. It is hit and miss.

In Quebec, if you declare it and they apply all the taxes, and other fees, you end up paying about same as if you bought it here. There is no advantage other than bringing back a brand that you can’t find for sale here.

I brought back six extra beer once and I did declare it on the form on the plane. because of this I was sent to secondary inspection. The officers appeared to be mixed up as to the rules. They told me that I was not allowed to bring anything back over the limit. I told them that I was prepared to pay the duties which is why I had declared as I was supposed to.

I tell you that this was not worth the effort and the last thing I need when I return from vacation is to waste time getting frustrated. Customs officers have a lot of disgression and trying to convince them otherwise is futile.

One other thing to consider - on Friday evening at Pearson, the line up to pay duty on overages was VERY long. I’d say those people would be there at least a few hours. We each had a 1 liter and a 700 ml bottle. I was so relieved when they just waved us through. Had they asked us to go stand in that line I would have just handed over my 700 ml bottle.

That is the answer I was looking for. I wanted to know if I have extra bottle and declare how much time and money it would be needed to pass through customs. Thank you @sharonann for answering!