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E-Mail address Grand Palladium Bavaro


Does anyone have their e-mail address. I went to the Fiesta site and that e-mail address didn’t go through.
Thanks :slight_smile:


If the address for the hotel didn’t go through, then try their customer service address.


Thanks Bob. Got my e-mail off and didn’t have it returned


If you get no response in a couple of days try this address:
Telephone # 18092218149


That’s the first e-mail address I tried. It came back. No reply to the address Bob gave me, but I’m still hoping


If you don’t get a response in a while try phoning them if it is important. However many people wait weeks to get a response so don’t give up yet. I will search for another email address to see if they have another one.


I got another e-mail address from another forum. It’s
I sent it there and though I haven’t gotten a response, it was not sent back. Hoefully between the two, it will get to the right person.
Thanks for all your help! ;D


Keep us informed and we will keep on looking.