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Early Warning - Malaria

I just left my appointment with my doctor this afternoon. On the way out, I casually mentioned that we were going to the DR shortly. His immediate response was that I “might” need anti-malaria medications. He had recently treated a patient arriving from (he thought) Punta Cana for malaria. He suggested I check the CDC and PHAC sites. I did, and there is nothing mentioned at this time, but I’m suggesting that anyone traveling there should check the sites for possible updates. The appropriate links are in our FAQ section.

Sorry NO reported or documeneted cases of Malaria in the PC area in years.

Bob K

Nice to hear. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Just checked the Public Health Agency of Canada website as I had also read this earlier;

Dated November 5, 2012 - “Risk is highest in the provinces bordering Haiti. There is little to no risk in other areas of the country.”

kitkatrod thank you for posting that. I is what those of us who live here have been saying for years.
However the pharmacitucial companies love to sell you stuff. Needed or not


My Doctor said Malaria is much easier to prevent than cure so with that in mind I always take my meds as all the little bitey beasts out there ALWAYS bite me and I would rather be safe than sorry. Just my thoughts.

Cheers Amandalou xx

Another Doctor making money off a prescription of fear. Been 9 times and nothing.

Naw, he had nothing to gain from all this. Just remember that it took them almost a month to inform us of the XL meats problem …

Come on that warning came out back in Feb 2010 from the Haiti getting us thinking about traveling to Dominican …I think if it got out of hand we all would have been warning big time …

This one will be our 15th trip, never been bitten never even seen a mosquito, all decent hotels spray for bugs just for that reason, and yes, PC is a long ways from Haiti

My Doctor will not gain anything from telling me to take care, the meds are over the counter and the cost is quite low. I am unfortunate in that if it bites I will get bitten, where ever in the world I am, I think I’m sweet to taste!! So as I said I prefer to try to reduce any risks. The UK blood doning agency also have the DR as a malaria risk area. To me it is just another element of insurance, I pay travel insurance without a problem and this to me is a health insurance.

Just MY thoughts and feelings. Cheers Amandalou :-*