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Easter in Dr


What will be different at hotels?
Special buffets as with Christmas or not?
How busy gonna be hotels?I read they accept lots of locals that week.
Will everything be normal on Monday 17th or will it be busy after Easter?


I have been to the DR at Easter many times, yes the hotels are full and there will be a lot of locals there celebrating Easter. We now avoid this time of year in the DR as everything is just too busy…


I have to agree with Hula, we experienced Easter in the DR once and don’t book that time any more. It wouldn’t be so bad on the resort if they hired more people to allow for the huge influx of people with day passes but they don’t. I don’t begrudge anyone a vacation but having the pool area littered with playpens and strollers along with the long lines isn’t my idea of a fun vacation. I just felt like you were always in rush mode, there was nothing relaxing about any part of the weekend. On the other side of that coin, it was really interesting to observe the locals, I couldn’t believe how rude they were to their own people. Watching them dancing in the disco was the highlight of the visit.


We would arrive at Saterday th 15 early evenings

So i guess after Sunday the locals wouldn’t come anymore to hotels or i’m i wrong.
Maby they also stay in hotel on Monday?


Hi Emma,
We arrive “Easter Monday” as well, and I’ve been told things aren’t so hectic then. I had some concerns about things not being open, crowds, etc. but I’ve been assured that most everything starts getting back to “normal” on Monday as people are going back to home/work. And, as for there being lots of “locals” there sometimes - they deserve a holiday too!



Easter is a big holiday in the DR.
But, around the resorts, the only difference you will notice is that the there will be NO motorized watersports. Generally, this isn’t much of an issue in Punta Cana since there there’s not much anyways, but you will notice it in Puerto Plata for instance.


It is usally Thursday, Friday (the hotel we stayed at the bars did not open until noon on Good Friday and closed early and no entertainment) Saturday and most locals start going home after dinner on Sunday and Monday things start to return to normal. The hotel was over crowded and you had to wait in line for everything and I don’t mean just a few mintues either…and if you didn’t speak spanish you were left standing there to get a drink etc for along time as people would be shouting their orders to the bartenders…the last time we were in the DR for Easter we stayed at the Grand Flamenco and their was a large family that sat at the swim up bar from morning until night and never left the pool but drank heavly all day, strong bladders??? I think not!!!


Easter is an extremely busy time. The week before Easter Sunday (Holy week) is busy especially Thursday/Friday. This time is the start of “summer” for the locals and some of them go to the resorts for a holiday. The public beaches are extremely crowded. That being said, I was at Casa del Mar a few years ago during Holy Week and it was busy but the service was still good.


In all the five star resorts we have stayed at during the Easter holiday there were NO locals at all. I do think it would be nice however if they would allow just a few and not a hundred or so in.


We spent one Easter in Punta Cana and didn’t find much of a difference…Attended a nice Easter service…Although it was in spanish enjoyed it…


We spent Easter at Breezes PP and loved it. We got to laze around all day with no guilt!! The presentation of the food is phenomenal. We didn’t do any water sports so that never bothered us. It is a colorful and wonderful time there.


Our first trip to the DR is over the Easter holiday. I’m hoping because us being at Secrets that is pretty far out it won’t be as crowded. Plus it’s adults only so there shouldn’t be any children. Anyone know for sure?


Secrets is adults only, so …
AFAIK, it’s the only one in the DR.


We were in POP during Easter last year and it was a little busier starting Good Friday and by noon on Sunday they were packed and ready to leave. The service was still great …I spoke to some Dominican tourists from Santiago … they do love their children and there were more children than usual …but, it was only for a few days …Didn’t bother us. Guess what …we’re going back during the Easter break again this year … no problem! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


We spend last Easter at Playa Naco. The first part of the week, the hotel was on 70% full. Then on Wed - it was 100% full. There were alot of locals - and they loved to party. If you are looking for a quite vacation, I do not recommend going during this time of the year. If you don’t mind partying and people being loud ( which we enjoyed as we also like to party) it is a good time of the year to go.