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EdeNH Real Arena - Mirage and Prestige?

Hi folks, I am looking at something called “Mirage Section” in the Air Transat listings. Is that like Prestige, or is it something else?? I’m confused. THanks much! :-*

Hi! I am not sure what extra’s you get with Prestige, but the NR Real La Mirage has different levels. Deluxe rooms, La Mirage is an upgrade from deluxe rooms, (Preferred room location,sep. check in/out, VIP amenities,beach towels,bathrobes and slippers in room, turn down service etc.) is just some of the additions. Le Mirage Concierge Room same as above but your Jaguzzi is on the balcony and you have your own butler and choice of ocean or pool view. I have to agree when reading the different sites it gets confusing. La mirage is also called Paradise club on some sites.

You get premium drinkswith the mirage upgrade own pools it is a very nice resort

Thanks - so for the Mirage deluxe room, are you able to use the VIP pools or do you have to have the Concierge upgrade for that?


I cut this out from the Air Transat web site:

Your all inclusive, plus
• Accommodation in more luxurious and spacious rooms with outside whirlpool and an ocean view or pool view closest to the beach
• Private continental breakfast
• VIP in-room lobster dinner (restrictions apply)
• Premium drinks
• Private pool with butler service
• À la carte pillow and bath products

We booked Concierge last November when prices were low.


Thanks iluv2dive…I looked at the NH Real Arena website and it listed only “Deluxe” and “Prestige” (with “Concierge” being a subset of “Prestige”), which makes it sound like maybe the Mirage rooms can use the Prestige pools… ???

We are going to the nh real arena on march 16th and have been reading the forums about mirage inclusions,the more i read the more confused i get!Everybody seems to have a differant opinion.

Actually the best thing to go by is what it says with the tour company with which you booked since different tour companies arrange different packages with the resorts.
But I don’t believe the private pools are for the basic Mirage packages just those in the Concierge Package.

I read through the long (REALLY long) EdeNH Real Arena thread and it sounds like the Mirage deluxe rooms (in Transat-speak) get yellow bracelets, which don’t give you the VIP pools and the premium liquor, but do get you better room locations and private check in etc. You need to get a Mirage Concierge room to get the pink bracelet in order to get the VIP pools and good booze.

The regular “deluxe rooms” get green bracelets.