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Edenh Real Arena - Update

For all waiting for information on this resort I have a bit of info now and a tentative promise of more to come…

First, here is a link to the NH Hoteles fact sheet for the new Edenh Real Arena due to open in Punta Cana shortly. This may answer some of your questions.

Gregg Andrews uploaded this image to

Second, I have tentatively arranged (subject to confirmation) to visit the property on November 29th and will report back to you shortly thereafter regarding anything I can glean from the resort management.

Be patient, I have nothing more for now; but a promise of more to come.


That looks like a nice place AND not too big either!

These pictures were taken Saturday morning, Nov. 3rd. The first one is from my terrace looking at the construction. We are only about 25 meters from the construction. The other two photos are taken from the beach looking to the hotel.


first link is dead, the other two are good, still ools a long way from opening

All three worked for me … ::slight_smile:


I managed to open all three links.


This resort is near the Melia, correct?

Looks like a lot of work to be done yet before it opens. Maybe in 2008 ;D

Those pictures make me nervous, we are just about to book for march 08…


Hard to tell how much of the inside of the buildings are done. Maybe if those guys stopped talking and got to work. Look close… I see 3 workers on cellphones. :wink:

well hopefully it goes up fast from now until we go the first week of March.

I can’t wait to see this place, it sounds fantastic!! Hopefully everything will be running smoothly by the time we roll in!


We haven’t heard from any of our local members lately on any progress they may have noticed or heard about at Edenh.
Hopefully someone may have noticed something in their day to day grind.

Maybe Mike & Mike could sneak a peek???

Are there still lots of workers being bussed in??

Any info would be much appreciated


I posted some pictures on Nov. 3rd. I’ll try and take some more tomorrow morning. If not then next Saturday morning.

One of the members of our “travel group”,received this note this week…

Dear Ms. ----------

Thank you for your e-mail.

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but I was on vacation.

Don’t worry, EdeNH Real Arena will be fully operating by your travel dates.

Opening is scheduled on January 25th, but actually it may be sooner (by the end of December)

If you wish, I can add you to our mailing list for this hotel to keep you updated and to let you know once the hotel is open. I should have an update by next week.

Kind regards,

Patricia Belmont

Liverpool 155, 06600. D.F. - MEXICO
TEL. +52.55.52291500

Del Interior: 01.800.9033300

From USA: 1 888.7260528

From Canada: 1 866.2997096
FAX. +52.55.52070887

thanks NCSUTURF much appreciated I know its hard to get pictures as Wud indicated before.
Is work still progressing at a good rate??
I’m down for a week starting the 16th–whats a good day to try for a picture or two? do they work Sat and Sun?
Where is the best place to access the beach in front of Edenh as we’re staying at the Catalonia and will go up by taxi I guess!!


Thank you for all the info! By any chance, has anyone heard anything about weddings being held there? We are hoping to go in June '08 but can’t seem to find any lliterature mentioning if they do weddings or if they have any packages available.

Would love any new pick’s also. We will be there Feb 16th. Thanks, Lynn

Does anyone know if this property will have a disco?

The “hotel fact sheet” that was posted made no mention of one nor have other websites that sell packages to this resort.

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. My wife and I booked the EdenH (concierge room) through Transat Holidays and will be leaving on January 25/08. It’s a risk but we took a chance. ??? If all goes well and the resort does open in time I can provide pictures and reviews upon our return.


Thanks Bigred for your contact information on the EdenH Real Arena. I have e-mailed Miss Belmont and she replied promptly. She will keep me updated and as soon as I hear, I will let everyone know.

Fireguy will be there in about 2 weeks and then we will see if the information we receive is similar.

Richardscuba, we will beat you to this resort if it opens - 10 of us. We are booked for the January 18, if we go then you certainly will follow and we can certainly meet for a drink or two or three …