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EdenH Review is up

For those interested my review of the Edenh is now posted.


Looks like you enjoyed your stay! You’ve been to the DR 32 times? Wow! You’re practically a native!

We went to the EdenH last year, and we loved it so much. Best resort vacation we’d had in years (and our first trip to the DR). We wanted to go back there this year, but it was a little too expensive, considering we wanted to stay for 2 weeks. Oh, well, maybe next year!

We were there as well in April 08. We loved it so much we were going to go back for our wedding in April 09. After looking into booking the trip we noticed that there was a new one opening at the end of November 08 in the Mayan Riviera. It appears to be very similar. After speaking with our travel agent it was actually a little cheaper as it is brand new and I believe the taxes might be a little less as well.
Hopefully the EdenH/NH Riviera will be just as wonderful.

Yes, I saw that there was a new one opening in Mayan Riviera, too. But you can’t beat that beach in PC! That wonderful white sand, and the nice smooth water. Wonderful!