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EdenH Riviera Cancun/NH Riviera Cancun

Our trip is for April 2009 and are planning to have our wedding at the resort as well. Has anyone been a part of or watched a wedding here? We were at the EdenH in Punta Cana and loved it so we are hoping the Mayan Riviera location would be just as wonderful. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Is this also a new resort like the one in Punta Cana?

I also seen a couple weddings at the Edenh-Punta Cana this year in March. They did a fine job.

If the Riviera location has the flare that the Dominican Edenh has, it should be a fantastic place to stay.

Looking forward to hearing what people have to say.

Deputy ;D

A new location just opened at the end of November in the Mayan Riviera. It was originally advertised as EdenH Luxury Riviera Cancun then changed to NH Riviera Cancun when it opened. It looks as though the Punta Cana location has changed names as well to NH Real Arena.
We were at the EdenH in Punta Cana last April and were able to see a wedding take place. My fiance wanted to go back for our wedding and then we noticed that they were opening a new one in the Mayan. When we looked at some pictures online advertising the hotel we could see it was very similar to the Punta Cana location. They have the Paradise rooms with jacuzzi on the balcony and the restaurants are close to the same as well.

We really enjoyed our Punta Cana trip and our hoping this is going to be just as great. I remember the reviews for the first few months at the Punta Cana location were not the best but by April it was great. I realize it will probably be the same service issues to begin with but with any luck they have a PC Mike clone to assist with these hiccups. I wished we could have met PC Mike.

Ahhhh, I never take much of a bite off reviews. my opinion is the only opinion that matters once my trip is over.

PC Mike is a very nice guy…I was glad that I could help the cause by bringing down school supplies and clothes.

I liked the Edenh, and would go back, but at a different time, when the water is warmer, and not to dive. I still claim the diving sucks.