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Electric adaptors?

I’m sure this is covered somewhere and I m also pretty sure the answer is no, wife says we need and adaptor in Cuba ?? true or false :slight_smile:

I believe it all depends on where you go…we’ve been to places where you DO need one and places where there is one outlet that supports 110v.

To be safe, we just bring one anyway…just to be sure…

This may help.


[quote=@cubavisitor]This may help.


Hey cubavisitor…that’s way better then what I offered Halifax!!LOL Very nice!

Royal Hideaway Ensenachos – 220V with 110V shaver only plug in bathroom
so could I plug in my cell charger into this outlet?

Yes. Most battery chargers are dual voltage. Check the label, you may see something like: Input 110-240V in which case you can plug it in any outlet.

My wife wanted to bring her curling iron (75 watt) so I picked up a NEXXTECH 85 watt at The Source along with a spare pack of fuses for it. Turned out it worked fine for our AA battery charger but blew the fuse every time she tried using the curling iron. I tried to return it today explaining what happened, and they said sorry, we do not take these for refund as everyone uses them for their holiday and then wants to bring them back. I now have a $50.00 Cuban battery charger!

The Princesa Del Mar’s hair dryer has a 115 volt outlet on it for rasors, but it won’t accept a male end with the large neutral blade. Never thought to try my battery charger in it. They also had a few HUGE convertors at the front desk, but we never found this out till all my wife’s hair spray was used up. lol

I sent a letter to Nexxtech today, and until I receive a reply, I advise against buying their products, and buying from The Source for electronics.

Most curling irons and hair impliments I’ve ever seen and used are rated much higher than 75 watts. Usually, they’re in the 1200-1800 watt range. I suspect that the reason your converter worked for the battery charger but blew fuses when the curling iron was used is because the curling iron needed a lot more “juice”. Did you know that The Source sells two different converters? The lower wattage unit is for things like battery chargers and the higher wattage unit is for hair impliments. On more than one occasion I’ve seen the store clerk at The Source sell the wrong wattage rated converter to a customer. This shouldn’t happen but it does!

This problem of the larger blade is also common. I bought myself an adaptor plug at the Home Depot for about $2.50 to get around this specific problem.

I’ve owned and travelled all over the globe with a foreign voltage converter bought at Radio Shack (now The Source) in 1989. The unit has not failed me yet, and it’s one of those “never leave home without it” items. All of my hair appliances are dual voltage and again, the extra cost was a worthwhile investment.