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Electric/hydro converters

We are attending a wedding in Guadalavaca in a few weeks. All the ladies would really like to be able to use their curling irons and flat irons. Are there converters available in Canada to purchase that will allow us to use these tools.
We tried a univeral one last time and it would not work.
Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated

A good 220 to 110 converter should work - you sometimes need better ones for curling irons. I bought mine years ago at Canadian Tire for about $25 and have taken it with me to Cuba and throughout eastern europe and have never had a problem. You don’t generally need plug adaptors in Cuba because the pins are the same, but this is not always the case.
For more information on electricity in Cuba, check out YVRck’s excellent post in the frequently asked questions section of this forum. She discusses some basic questions and has a list of resorts and their electric outlet types. Her post says that Las Brisas Guardalavaca has 220V outlets which will accomodate BOTH N. American & european style plugs. She also notes that a voltage converter is required for this resort.


i don’t know what resort you are going to, but a lot of them have 110 outlets in the bathroom. you might want to email them to check what is available

Try this posting http://debbiesreviews.proboards88.com/index.cgi?board=Cuba&action=display&thread=7041

Hi travelforlife and welcome to the forum!

You don’t mention which resort in Guardalavaca you’ll be staying at, but indicating that your universal converter didn’t work last time leads me to believe you didn’t have the right converter. You need the more powerful 1600 watt converter which is the one required for items like hair appliances. Also keep in mind that resorts which have a 110V plug (usually in the bathroom), work for things like electric shavers or electric toothbrushes but not necessarily for hair appliances.

If after reading my Electricity 201 post in FAQ, you still have concerns/doubts/questions, don’t hesitate to ask for further clarification. When attending a wedding, you want to look your best!

We are staying at Brisas Guadalavaca - 76 people total to attend the wedding :slight_smile:
Thanks for the information, it will be very helpful in choosing a converter.
Also, thanks for the “welcome to the forum”

Many heater type appliances (and battery chargers) don’t need converters; they will work with both 110V or 220V. Check the label on the appliance. If it says something like 120/220V no converter is required.