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Electrical Outlets @ Ocean Bavaro?


Hi All,

I’m staying at the Ocean Bavaro Spa & Beach resort 10/24-10/31.

I thought I read online somewhere that I wouldn’t need outlet converters. Yet my friend just got back from the Riu Palace Macao and she said that she needed them. Now I’m worried. I don’t have any converters, and I think I’d die if I had to go a week without my straightening iron :wink:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:


The electricity in the DR is the same as in Canada (115 volt, 60 hz). The outlets are not grounded, so any device with a two prong plug should plug in OK. If your iron has a three prong plug, then you will need an adapter, but not a converter.


If your st.iron has the wide blade on one of the prongs you will need an adapter as the recepticals only take the narrow blades. They are less than a dollar if you buy them before you leave.

This will work

This will not



Ray is right on that. Sorry, I forgot about that part. If you can’t find the adapter he is talking about, then buy the cheapest extension cord you can find. Then file down the large pin so that it is the same size as the small one. This defeats the polarization. You’ll know it when you can plug it in either way.


The RIU Palace from my last visit there had a strange looking outlets. It was well recessed into the wall with several plug outlets in it. It did take a while to find the right one but you eventually found the right plug to use. It is no big deal after a very short period of time.


I was at the Ocean Bavaro last month! You WILL have a great time by the way! And be sure to go to the shows. They start at 10 but go at 9 for dancing fun and a pre show.

I had no problem with my battery charger for my camera I do not remember if they had a 3-prong outlet but I had no problem with the fitting. I think a straightening iron will not have an issue But if you cant use it there is a hair drier and cloths iron with iron board if worse comes to worse. ;D lol (not a great way to straighten your hair but it can work :))

If you want to be safe, do the above advice.

The beach is SOOO beautiful check out my pics bellow if you like. I know you’ll have a great time!


The sockets at Sirenis Cocotal were also recessed. The modified extension cord or the adapter plug resolves this issue nicely.


Thank you so much for your help! You guys saved me a lot of stress, and freaking out when I get there and can’t do my hair :wink:

theresa00000: Your pics are gorgeous! :slight_smile: Thanks for the reassurance!