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Electricity in Sandals Grande St. Lucia


Does anyone know what the electricity is in the Sandals Grande St. Lucia? I am looking to use North American 2 prong electrical cables for both charging batteries for a digital camera as well as for an electrical shaver.

Do I require a voltage converter and or plug adapters?

As far as I remember we used everything as it was without adapters

Bathrooms were setup to handle 110 like North American, had a converter and never used.

The electricty is the same as the USA. No need for any adaptors. Don’t rent a car, like other posts, driving in the carrib is dangerous for a NASCAR driver. Cow’s tied to the side of roads, kids and chickens everywhere. No ambulances if you do get hurt, your only hope is to get medivac’d to Martinique then to MIA. I’ve been to 4 Sandal’s resorts and the driving is all the same. Don’t rent mopeds either. Just stay on property and you will be fine.