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Electricity problem

Hello once again,
Recently I have read that in Dominican Republic the electric voltage is lower than in Ukraine and for the charge of any devices we should use specific adapters, is it really so? Or maybe we will be able to charge them simply without any adapters?

Not sure the voltage is different (not that up to speed on that item). I know we (from Canada) have used adapters as most of our items have a grounded plug (one side wider than the other) and the resorts didn’t accommodate those.

Always good to travel with an adapter just in case!

To the best of my knowledge, your electricity is 220 volts, probably 50 hertz and your plugs are the European round pin type (or possibly the Russian type round pin which are a bit thicker). In the DR the voltage is 110-115 volts (about half yours) and the pins are flat blades. Some sockets have a third pin which is used for grounding in North America, but in general will have no wire connected in the DR. Your plugs will not physically plug into their sockets so at a minimum a physical mechanical adapter will be required. After that, it really depends on the appliance you want to plug in.
The good news is that most power supply/chargers for laptops, tablets and cell phones don’t care. If the charger is marked 100 - 240 volt input then you are good to go.If it’s something like a hair dryer, some are dual voltage and have a selector switch. If it doesn’t, it won’t like it at all and will be somewhat anemic on the lower voltage.If you want to run something that requires 220 volt, your only real option is a step-up transformer (expensive and heavy).
Since we’re talking general cases here, let’s get more specific. What devices are you intending to plug in?

So much information…First of all, I am going to charge my smartphone and netbook, for other devices I think we can cope without them during our vacation…

Good choice. In that case all you should need is a physical adapter.

As well some people have portable charger for their phones. But to buy universal converter should not be too expensive as well.

If you’ve got a 115 volt device and your destination is 220 volt, a converter is pretty inexpensive. Going the other way, it appears that that is not the case. Usually it’s a step down transformer that is heavy and expensive. Not what you want to travel with given today’s luggage restrictions.
Fortunately, most cell phone and laptop chargers can handle 115 volt and 220 volt. All you have to do is physically match the sockets they provide.

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Thank you guys for your useful advices, I am sure that we will decide this problem and buy necessary equipment for being sure that our devices will be charged in time and without additional problems. It is quite expensive for us during out trip.