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Electronic or vapor cigarettes


Does anyone know if it is ok to bring electronic or vapor cigarettes in Varadero? Or will they be confiscated at customs?

thank you

Just got back from varadero. While they didnt take it, they questioned someone in our group who had one in his carry on. They pulled him aside, took it apart, asked him questions, then proceded to swab his arms for drugs.

Perhaps this was random, but if I was you I would just pack in the checked luggage to avoid any chance of an issue.

That being said, they gave it back to him and he was on his way again.

So if it is in my checked luggage it should be fine? I saw people using them in Holguin back in September, but never got a chance to talk to them to ask about it !

I had mine in my carry-on in Feb. Nobody even asked about it.

Yup, could have been totally random, but you cant use it on the plane anyways, so why take the chance if it may bring some unwanted attention. Seeing as they take lighters and throw them out…lol

if you are into vaping…and concerned…maybe for your vacation the disposable would be the way to go

Thank you ! Appreciate the answers. We’ll bring them in our luggage!