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Eletrical outlets at bahia ambar

Will our plugs work here without adapters, thanks.

That’s a good question. Likely you won’t require one, but I always hedge my bets and take something, just in case. Normally it’s my modified extension cord (see our FAQ). Even if adapters are not required, it has been very useful to get around the problem of inconvenient socket locations.

I hear that bob but depends on wether the plugs are vertical or horizontal

Huh? I don’t understand what you are saying. ::slight_smile:

Huh? I don’t understand what you are saying. ::)[/quote]

I guess I’m as thick as you, Bob - LOL; or maybe it’s a generational thing - maybe caper can explain as we are obviously missing something.

Of course, the other problem the extension cord solves is the case of recessed sockets (especially for block type transformers) - and I can’t see how the orientation will make a difference here, either - LOL.


Have been to the Bahia … you will have no problem with the plugs. Just like at home.

The only way you’ll have a problem is if you bring the “Thing of ma jig” and try to put it in the
"What’s a ma callit". Then you will need a “You know what”.

LOL thanks for the replies that helps me a lot .one soket type like this - - one looks like this | | i,ve seen em both in my travels

Greg you going to the meet and greet on the 22nd April ive met you at FDIC before,

I’m still not sure what type you are referring to. There’s quite a discussion at http://users.telenet.be/worldstandards/electricity.htm
The only - - types I’ve ever seen are the type G socket, used in the UK (also seen in Grenada for instance) but they’re honkin big. What I have seen in the DR is the type A (unpolarized), the type B (ground not connected), the very odd type C (strange because that’s normally 220 volt), and what looks like a combination type A and C. I don’t see this one discussed in either of those sources, but I have seen reference to this type used in Cuba (also 220 volt). In the DR they seem to provide 110 volts. The picture of the one in our FAQ, which is also recessed which adds a complication for those box type power supplies, was taken at Sirenis Cocotal/Tropicale and provided 110 volts. It was hard to plug in a North American polarized type A plug because the socket wasn’t designed for the larger pin, which in theory should be the neutral connection.
Almost every hotel I’ve stayed in had 110 Volt outlets. This year we stayed at Natura Park, and surprisingly the room had the odd 220 volt outlet. These powered the coffee maker and the TV.

I will be there.

Do you mean the FDIC Atlantic in Wolfville (I expect so) or the FDIC in Indianapolis (probably not)?


Wolfville is right Indie would be fine with me LOL

Just back from IHD.
In our experience most of the places will give you trouble using box type plugs, because of the recessed outlets used.
I couldn’t use my iPod charger for example straight, but I had with me extension cord which fits in everything, and that could be a general solution. (in those outlets in DR now you can insert European and North American plugs)

The extension cord (modified, see FAQ) is what I’ve been recommending for years.

modded extension very sound idea bob im packing one.

Excellent idea. ;D