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Email address for grand lido negril jamaica

Does anyone have a email address for grand lido negril, my contact was Clithy Chaddan, I tried to email her but it came back “undervirale message” not sure if she still works there but her email was clithy.chaddan@superclubs.com.I would like to contact the resort before going there in a couple of weeks

Maybe just try there website homepage.


Thank you but I have already tried this Email address and did not get a response.

Yeah I know this message is too late…But for info purposes the Grand Lido does not exist anymore. Wacked out powers to be decided to tear it down and are in the process of building a “Royalton” resort. Needless to say I am choked about this, the GL was our first visit to Ja; we fell in love. You just can’t fix stupid, but then again money talks and everything else walks.:sob: