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Email address for MSM

Can anybody provide me with an email address for the Melia Santa Maria please. We are heading there in a couple of weeks and if possible I would like to request a building number. We have sent a request previous years and they have always accommodated. However, I have lost the address.
16 more sleeps or as it was suggested to me this morning 11 more days of work.


I found this on Debbies’ contact for Resorts page… question, do you suggest a ground floor or second floor room?? Is there a difference?

Cayo Santa María, Jardines del Rey Caibarien, Villa Clara, CUBA 52610
Tel: (53) 42 350500- Fax: (53) 42 350505
E-mail: melia.cayo.santa.maria@solmelia.com
Website: http://www.solmelia.com/solNew/hoteles/j…odigoHotel=5982

Try this one: reservas1.csm@solmeliacuba.com Personally I like a second floor room, but that would depend on how you feel about stairs. :smiley:

2nd floor - love building 17 the best - closest to beach

Is that an ocean view room?
We just got a standard room

Is that an ocean view room?
We just got a standard room[/quote]Depends which side of the building you are on. Besides, if they aren’t full you may luck out and get ocean view…just don’t specifically ask for it when you haven’t paid for it (that can result in them saying you asked for an upgrade and potentially charging you for it). I see no problem with requesting “upstairs, building 17 or in that area please” if that is what you want…